In the last year 93%* of online marketers considered YouTube marketing videos as part of their overall online marketing strategy. (*survey from Econsultancy). In 2014 it looks like everyone wants to create videos but are struggling to see the ROI of a video marketing strategy.

Getting a professionally made video to appeal to a specific audience is not so hard when set against the bigger challenge of marketing your video and finding your audience.

Video marketing for small business: should Youtube always be included in video strategies?

YouTube is the UK’s number 2 search engine after Google and the number 1 video hosting platform. Youtube has always been the obvious place to publish YouTube marketing videos in the same way you wouldn’t think of having a website without it being indexed by Google.

In a previous article we described how with the right title, description, tags and promotion on social media your video will eventually be found on Youtube and Google video search results.

Your YouTube marketing videos needs to be promoted

According to Tubemogul, half of the videos on Youtube have less than 500 viewers whist the Youtube top 10 viewed videos of 2013 includes mostly music videos, 2 or 3 nicely produced viral videos and 2 promo videos: Evian -with cute dancing babies- and Volvo -featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme-. These are two big brands with strong social media presence and big budgets behind them.

If you think that producing a video and putting it on YouTube is enough, think again. You still need to generate traffic to your video to get a return on investment. Here are six areas you can wisely invest your promotional time and effort:

  1. Improve your audience loyalty: Don’t be shy, ask people to subscribe to your channel. Every time you are going to upload a new video they will be notified by Youtube.
  2. On top of that, drive them to your website or social media accounts. An incentive such as ‘receive VIP sales notifications’ or ‘enter our prize draw’ is a good way to built a bridge between your Youtube visitors and your brand outisde Youtube.
  3. Use emailing campaigns to promote your videos and your channel. Use a short snappy headline that grabs their attention
  4. Measure and adjust your video engagement: set up goals in google analytics to achieve in the first month (ex: 5 thumbs up, 2 comments, average time on video of 80% etc).
  5. Your viewers might be attracted by featured and suggested videos. By building a set of videos around a similar topic and putting a link to click on to watch the next video, you will keep them on your channel.
  6. Paid promotion of your videos.
  7. Google Adwords to drive first time viewers
  8. Youtube advertising, especially when used as part of a remarketing campaign, can be surprisingly ‘cheap’. We ourselves have paid as little as 4 pence

Launching your video to get it seen is as important as what you say in it.

And once you are seen, remember, the Youtube community is just like you, it wants to be entertained, educated and engaged with interesting content.

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