The uses for video marketing campaign within a business range right across the consumer lifecycle, from sales and marketing to customer service, but it’s in the reaching out to potential consumers that an online video can do very well. Consider these reasons:

Video Marketing Campaigns will increase conversions

You probably spend a lot of time and effort getting relevant and interested traffic to your website. A video picks up on this interest and takes it to the next level. If you explain what you do well enough and leave the viewer a clear simple and single call to action, you will increase the responses to your call to action. For many businesses, an email address is reward enough – it provides the supplier with multiple future opportunities to interest the customer and engage with them.

“In August 2011 we received 2 enquiries through the website. After we added a video to the home page, we have seen enquiries increase to 13 in August 2012 and another 13 in September 2012. The only difference is the video. It obviously works.”
Konrad of Smith Hatton.

“Show-and-tell’ product videos are watched 60% of the time they are encountered on websites”, according to the e-Tailing Group survey in February this year. Recognise how people like to make decisions and the process they go through before they make a purchase; many online consumers spend time researching the best deals, but it isn’t all about price:

  • What does it look like?
  • How big is it?
  • What are the technical specifications?
  • Will I like it?

If you could, you would jump out of the computer screen and show your audience then and there. Instead, you can do the next best thing, which is to show them with a video. The same e-Tailing Group report also said “Videos that educate and demonstrate are given the greatest attention, with consumers watching multiple times prior to purchasing.”

Video is here to stay

This is hardly a contentious statement these days. It’s not so much that video is the panacea for all online marketing initiatives, but it should be part of an integrated online and offline approach. Best of all, video is available all the time, serving the same consistent messages.

Perhaps, because affordable online video has only recently become a reality, many business owners and marketers have had limited exposure to the process of creating a video and the issues of converting their marketing message to this visual medium.

Video Production has never been so affordable

The UK has always had a strong creative sector. This (and a dramatic reduction in costs for digital technology) means we are blessed with a strong media sector that can take your ideas and turn them into sharply focused videos that tackle your would-be customers’ concerns and objections. What was only available for the largest blue-chip type businesses is now available for all.

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