What’s your priority when promoting your product or service? Brand awareness is a key issue, as is lead generation and building effective sales leads. In short, you need your product to stand out from the crowd and gather interest – as quickly as possible.
However, this is easier said than done. Your target audience are regularly bombarded by ads, marketing campaigns and online stimulus; which is all designed to grab their attention and encourage them to buy. The question is – how can you make your new product the first thing they notice?

Promotional Videos – Powerful Video Marketing

Working with an online video production company is a great way to promote your new product – especially if you create a high-impact promotional video. This guide details the advantages of using promo videos in your next marketing campaign – and the major marketing problems it solves.

Why Business Video Production Services?

  • It’s a growing trend. An astounding 50% of companies are moving their marketing budget from TV to online video – thanks to its growing popularity. (AOL Platforms, 2015)
  • Viewers expect business videos. 68% of shoppers now expect to see visual content – whether it’s on their desktop or smartphone. (Invodo, 2016)
  • Online videos are watched by millions. 100 million hours of videos are watched every day on Facebook alone. Effective marketing is, essentially, grabbing their attention in a natural way. (Tech Crunch, 2016)
  • Better marketing ROI. Marketers who choose to use a business video production company grow revenue 49% faster than those who are yet to adopt video for marketing. (Aberdeen via Vidyard, 2015)

The Benefits of Using Promotional Video

We offer business video production services in London, and we’re often asked about promo videos; and how they solve common marketing issues. Here’s a brief outline of the most common marketing issues and how a promotional video can help you.

The Problem: “People don’t know my brand.”
If they don’t know about you, they won’t buy from you. It’s important for people to know and develop trust for your brand before they are willing to buy your product. So, why are you better than your competition? What makes your offering a great solution to their problem? What is your brand all about?

The Solution:
Promotional video can be used to raise awareness for your brand and product simultaneously. They help showcase your products, but at the same time communicate your brands personality to your target audience. It’s much easier for customers to associate a product with a brand if they can visually see the connection, and this helps build brand preference – a powerful competitive advantage.

The Problem: “I never get much attention on social media.”
Social media is a major way for marketers to reach their target audience as well as gain exposure outside your target market. If you’re not using social media in your marketing, then you should be!

The Solution: Online videos are the most-shared form of content on social media sites. A dynamic promotional video ensures your content gets passed from person to person; which builds your following, encourages lead generation and ultimately, increases sales. Think of it as your 24/7 marketing tool, working around the clock to drive valuable traffic to your website or your Youtube channel.

The Problem: “My product is complex.”
Promoting a difficult product is a tough job and sometimes, written content isn’t enough to clarify. You may end up spending more time explaining your product than you do promoting its value.

The Solution: It doesn’t matter how complicated your product is – an online video explains and shows the key concepts in a simple-to-understand way. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and it’s processed 60,000 times faster than text – and a promo video delivers even complex information in a way that’s far easier to understand and remember.

The Problem: “I’m not getting enough traffic to my website.”
In order to make sales, you need to drive people through to your site. Having more valuable traffic coming to your website will signal to Google that your business and your products are of interest, and you will rank higher for the phrases your traffic uses to find you – thereby increasing your organic traffic. Paid advertising and a solid social media content strategy are great sources of traffic for your website.

The Solution: Promotional videos – and business videos in general – are highly versatile and can be used on all marketing channels to direct traffic to your website. Video does particularly well on social media, and because of this we are seeing more updates which steer users towards it – Instagram being the latest example. A promotional video has the right balance of being relatable and promotional, without being overly sale-sy. Pin one to the top of your feed as a constant incentive to click through to your website to find out more.
A good online video production company will repurpose your content to suit YouTube, social media and email campaigns – thus maximising exposure and encouraging click-throughs. Marketers who use video in their campaigns generate 41% more web traffic than non-users. (Aberdeen, via Vidyard, 2015)

The Problem: “I’m not making enough sales.”
Obviously, getting sales is the ultimate objective. If you’re marketing efforts aren’t translating into sales, it’s a waste of time.

The Solution: Your marketing brings in your leads, and video content does just that. But a quality business video also possesses considerable conversion power. As a 24/7 lead generation AND conversion tool, online video is an extremely valuable and cost-effective asset to include in your marketing strategy.
Promotional videos are just one type of video to use for this. They communicate your unique selling points and competitive advantage in a way that appeals to diverse audiences; they generate interest and can be used at any stage of the customer journey to encourage conversions.
Alternatively, if revenue is suffering because your product is older, a promo video can extend the product life cycle by a considerable margin. A dynamic promotional video allows you to enter new markets and boost sales further, without spending too much more on your marketing.

Promotional Video Production in London

An online video production company (In London or indeed, anywhere in the UK!) will work with you to identify your specific marketing requirements. They’ll then create a comprehensive plan, focusing on appealing to your target audience, developing lead generation and making sales.
The production of your promotional video is a diverse process. It may feature animation, a presenter, or a product demo. It’s an endlessly flexible form of marketing – which can be tailored to suit your marketing needs and your budget. It can also be repurposed, which maximises ROI and extends your products life cycle.
We’re a business video production company in London – you can find out more about our promo video production services here. If you’d like to learn more about us, simply contact us on 0207 733 4166.

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