Choosing the right video for your business should be a straightforward task. In reality, you will find yourself confronted with a lot of options and decisions that could make a difference to the video’s chance of performing well.

The best place to start is to ask yourself this question:

“What is the objective of the video and what do you want the viewer to do once they have watched it?”

It is also important to make sure you understand how to use video throughout the customer purchase journey.

The following table provides some examples covering the most common requirements we get asked about:


Increasing brand awareness.

Video Type Choice:

Live Event Filming and Corporate Event Coverage
Examples of use include:

  • Keynote presentations,
  • Press Launches,
  • Live Music Event,
  • Fashion Show,
  • Workshops,
  • Technology Launches.

These occasions only come about once and it simply makes sense to record events when you think of the benefits you get. It can serve a multitude of requirements such as publicising your brand, giving a visual identity to your business, sharing to the widest possible audience globally your product, showcasing your talents, highlighting your community and having something fun that will be there forever.


Promoting a product

Video Type Choice:

Product Demonstration Videos and Product Review Video Production
Examples of use include:

  • Highlight key features,
  • Clearly demonstrate functions,
  • Establish proven benefits,
  • Aid customer decision making,
  • Illustrate new market concepts

With a product demo video you can easily and swiftly make clear all the key insights you have about the products you have up for sale. Product demo videos will truly impress your customers with attention to detail and a helpful attitude.


Showing unique selling points of the new product or service

Video Type Choice:

Promotional Video Production and Business Promo Videos
Examples of use include:

  • Showcase Company Events,
  • Build Your Web Presence,
  • Provide Extra Focus,
  • Highlight Customer Service USPs,
  • Unveil A New Product,
  • Show A Friendly Face

A promotional video will speak volumes on behalf of you or your company. Whether you need to solidify your brand with a corporate promo video, or give your web-page a little sparkle with a website promo video, there’s no better way of getting your message out there.


Increasing your sales leads by 100%, 200%, 300% or more

Video Type Choice:

Explainer Videos
Examples of use include:

  • Lead generation
  • Engage customers directly,
  • Assist decision making,
  • Enliven tired web pages,
  • Increase customer enquires,
  • Increase contact database,
  • Increase bottom line result

Explainer videos will be the perfect addition to your online armoury. Incorporating an objective-based sales video into your website will retain customer’s attention, and when combined with a Flash-based contact form, the results are compelling.


Communicating with your customers directly

Video Type Choice:

Customer Service Videos and Training Videos
Examples of use include:

  • Introduce new technologies and concepts,
  • Reassure your customers,
  • Educate your workforce,
  • Answer Customer Queries,
  • Provide Detailed Step-by-step Instructions,
  • Reduce Call Centre Costs

Customer service and training videos

are incredibly versatile. With a friendly face, a presenter-led customer service video can be comprehensive, approachable and engaging. And with the right script and animation, a whole range of how-to guides and walk throughs can be captured in just a handful of short videos.
They are also used as training videos for your staff, introducing them to the key concepts that will make them exemplary ambassadors, experts and trouble-shooters for your company.


Connecting with your potential customers

Video Type Choice:

Talking head and Presenter-led Videos
Examples of use include:

  • Engage customers directly,
  • Assist decision making,
  • Enliven tired web pages,
  • Increase customer enquires,
  • Excite customer appetites,
  • Increase bottom line results

Our website video presenter customers report back 100%, 200% and even 300% in increased enquiries, directly as a result of the presenter video we have implemented. They couldn’t be happier. The facts are that this type of video has harnessed exceptional results across a huge variety of industries.


Create a Sense of Authority in your Industry/Market

Video Type Choice:

Video Testimonials / Public Relations Videos / Talking Heads
Examples of use include:

  • Express personal values,
  • Deliver company opinions,
  • Create intimate relationships,
  • Internal staff appraisals,
  • Answer customer questions,
  • Interview authority figures

There’s no better way to establish yourself as an industry leader than to illustrate that you know your products, services and staff inside and out.
Perhaps you feel a certain product or service could benefit from a professional or customer testimonial. If so a talking head interview video or testimonial video would perfectly suit your needs.


Capturing the Voice of the People on the Street?

Video Type Choice:

VoxPops / Public Opinion Videos / Market Research Videos
Examples of use include:

  • Objective Setting,
  • Questionnaire Setting,
  • Shot Selection,
  • Area choice,
  • Choice of Vox Pop Style,
  • Skilled Interviewer

VoxPop web videos tell your story through the voice of the person in the street. They are a high-impact, low-cost video solution for companies who need to talk to their customers across a variety of online platforms (their website, YouTube, Facebook, blogs etc).

They are usually short sharp, sound-bites of opinion expressed by people in the street edited into a variety of online platforms (Website, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs etc).


Creative Bespoke Music Videos that Tell a Story

Video Type Choice:

Music Video Production
Examples of use include:

  • Lyric Music Videos,
  • Green Screen Music videos,
  • VFX videos,
  • Animation videos,
  • Performance videos,
  • Live lounge videos,
  • Live filming,
  • Concept videos,
  • Behind the scene videos

Music videos are a specific niche in their own right. Almost anything goes within the boundaries of good taste (and as we know, taste is highly subjective). It’s unlikely you’ll commission a music video for your business, but if you want to create some excitement and drama, our music videos are a great starting point.

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