“Content is king” is the key phrase floating around the majority of online marketing blogs and forums, and is central to any inbound marketing strategy. But with so many types of content out there, which one is the best in terms of attracting high quality sales leads?

70% of business to business marketers intend to create more content this year compared to 2016 (Content Marketing Institute), so it’s the perfect time to learn how each form of content impacts your inbound marketing strategy. Here’s how they compare:

Written Blog Content

Written content is important for any website simply because it makes such an impact on SEO and your search engine rankings, thus enticing more organic traffic. It is by far the most used form of marketing content, but is it as useful as we think?

Keeping a regular and informative blog is a long term strategy, but the reward is high quality leads for your business if you do it right. Keyword-targeted blogs drive more organic traffic to your website through improving search engine rankings.

They are educational to those who already have an intention to buy and are actively looking for more information.

E-Books are a prime example of valuable written content which is guaranteed to send relevant potential customers your way and are great for building up your email database. It’s an opportunity to include ALL the content you need to gently push them along in their customer journey and shows your authority in your industry. We have 4 guides right here:

What Content is Best for Improving Quality of Leads? webvideos-simple-square-banner-why-does-your-marketing-strategy-need-video-content-300x300

However, a study by Hubspot concluded that about 43% of people admit to skim-reading articles, so are your customers really getting all the information they need to progress along the customer journey? Well, no. We suggest adding visual content – which the average brain processes 60,000 times faster than text – such as pictures of infographics to break up long text and add some visual stimulation to back up your words.

Visual Content: Infographics/Pictures/Memes

Visual content, such as pictures, moving gifs and infographics help to improve the quality of your leads in a number of ways.

Firstly, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than static text articles (Market Domination Media)  and they double as great branded content which can attract links to your website and increased referral traffic to your website. In terms of quality of leads, infographics are a short, concise way to reinforce blog articles, show off persuasive statistics and generally inform people of your products in a more memorable and persuasive than just text alone.

Pictures, gifs and memes are also great for keeping your readers attention when it comes to long articles. They break up text and can be used to allow your potential customer to visualise the purchase or show them special features you have to see to believe. In fact, a study found that colour visuals made people more willing to finish reading an article by 80% instead of just skimming through it (NeoMam Studios)- and the more information they read, the more they will want to purchase from you and not your competitors.

Things to remember:

  • Include your company logo
  • Stick to your company colours
  • Use short, concise statistics to persuade.
  • Include an embedding code so people can use your infographic on their blog – easy links!

Video Content

Now to our obvious favourite: video content. A type of content which yields all the benefits mentioned above… and more!

Easily repurposable and cost effective, video has one of the highest ROIs of all content. You can use it at any part of the product life cycle, customer journey and for direct selling or lead nurturing – the possibilities are certainly not limited!

Videos help improve the quality of your leads by engaging and informing your customer more effectively than text and pictures combined. Take explainer videos and product demos for example. Having something demonstrated with video footage to reinforce it allows you to show off special elements of your product which can’t be portrayed in text and provide visual evidence that your product meets their consumer needs. Product demos play up to the “seeing is believing” moto perfectly and studies have shown increases in conversions of up to 80% when included on a landing page.

Added Benefit:

Unlike written text or pictures, video content allows you to view engagement metrics and social media platforms are great for this. You can find out how long the viewer watched for, which parts got the most views (great for writing subsequent articles etc) and so much more! This is valuable and something you can only get with video content! Use this information to include more of what appeals to your audience and less of what is making them switch off.

In Summary

All forms of content are useful for strengthening your content marketing strategy, but the statistics speak for themselves. When used in the right way and on the right marketing channels, video content is the real king.

Having said that, the “too much of a good thing” moto will also apply here. Having spent the last 10 years exploring the world of video marketing, we know that the best content strategies consist of a healthy mix of a variety of content types.

Videos work best on product landing pages and garner a wealth of reach, engagement and traffic to your website when used on social media. Written content is best for improving your websites SEO rankings and therefore your organic search traffic. Organic search traffic tends to be of high quality, and could see the quality of your sales leads improve too.

Another tip we recommend is learning to align your sales with your marketing by basing content around the customer’s journey. About 49% of marketers have already pledged to start doing this, (LookBookHQ) but we are way ahead….

Click here to discover which type of video content is best for each stage of your customers’ purchase journey.

Or click here for an infographic!


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