Are you struggling to explain to your boss why video marketing is important? With the rise of social media, ever-increasing broadband speeds and the boom in smartphone use, it’s more important than ever- but some people just don’t get it. This is where you need hard video stats and facts to back up your pitch. Fortunately, there are plenty to hand.

How video marketing can benefit your business?

When most people think about online video marketing production, they think of a single video delivering a single promotional message, but that’s not how it works in reality. What you need to get across to your boss is that a sustained campaign of videos, with good VSEO and targeted distribution, can have a massive effect on the visibility of your business. 22% of people will visit a website based on a video ad they’ve seen elsewhere, and shoppers are 174% more likely to buy if they’ve just seen a video. Video marketing is much more likely to be remembered than other kinds of ad (80% of people remember them after a month) and they’re also something customers love to show to their friends, with 46% being shared on Facebook, enabling your marketing to go viral.

Grabbing customer attention

Perhaps the single most powerful tool in modern marketing, video production matters because it lets you deliver a strong message that people will really pay attention to. It’s notoriously hard to grab people’s attention with text, but the average desktop user will watch a video for 2 minutes before clicking away and the average iPad user will watch for 5. Video content is also 53 times more likely to make it onto the first page of search engine results, vastly increasing your visibility. Online video marketing production is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Video Stats and Facts 2014

2 minutes is the average attention span of desktop computer user when watching a video. (YouTube)

2 times more engagement is generated by Instagram videos than by Instagram photos. (Simply Measured)

5 minutes – that’s how long an average iPad user will watch a video before clicking away or dozing off. (YouTube)

5 tweets per second will contain a Vine video link. (The7thChamber)

10 seconds is how long you’re given to grab the attention of your viewers. This is part of statistics pertaining to marketing/business videos. (Visible Measures)

12% of people made a purchase after watching a video ad. (Zabisco/Entropii)

13% of the total video plays happen on mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – as of 2013. Back in 2011 it was only 1.5%. (Ooyala)

16 minutes : 49 seconds – that’s how much video ads are watched by an average internet user. (ComScore)

20% of viewers abandon the videos within 10 seconds. (Visible Measures)

22% of people visited the advertiser’s website after having watched a video ad. (Zabisco/Entropii)

26% of people will be triggered to search for more information after watching a video on a certain topic. (Zabisco/Entropii)

32 videos per month are watched by an average internet user. (ComScore)

33% of viewers abandon the video within 30 seconds. (Visible Measures)

40% more time is spent by adult males watching videos compared to adult females. (Nielsen)

40% of online merchants plan to incorporate online video in their digital strategy within the next 12 months. (Multichannel Merchant)

41% of well-to-do shoppers admitted they preferred video ads and online search to other advertising formats. (Emarketer)

45% of viewers abandon the video within 1 minute. (Visible Measures)

46% of videos are shared via Facebook. The good old-fashioned email accounting for 40% of shares. (Invodo)

51% increase in lead conversion was reported by internet marketers who included video in their email marketing. (ComScore)

52% of internet marketers consider video to be the content with the highest ROI. (eMarketer)

52% of online shoppers gain confidence in their product choice after watching relevant product videos. (InternetRetailer)

53 – That’s how many times video content is more likely to show up on the first page of search engine results pages than same topic textual content (additional video optimisation techniques have to be considered) (Gigamon)

57% of marketers admitted in 2012 that they plan to increase their budget for video ads. (Digiday)

59% of execs admitted they’d rather watch a video than read an article. (Forbes)

60% of viewers abandon the video within 2 minutes of watching, no matter how long the video is. (Visible Measures)

60% of the time a video is found on an e-commerce website, the visitors will watch it. (Website Magazine)

64% more likely that visitors will buy a product after they’ve watched a video. (ComScore)

64% of branding experts admitted they would increase the use of video as a medium for getting their brand message out. (eMarketer)

69% of the global personal internet traffic in 2017 is predicted to be video-based. (Cisco)

80% of people are able to recall a video-ad that they’d seen 30 days ago. How many people are able to recall a banner ad? Ha! (Online Publishers Association)

85% of shoppers are more inclined to add items to the basket after watching a product review or a similar video. (Internet Retailer)

174% higher is the likelihood a shopper will make a purchase if he’s viewed a video prior to shopping. (Retail Touchpoints)

262% growth rate was seen in the audience watching videos on mobile devices in the UK. (ComScore)

2014 is the year when video advertising sales in Western Europe will surpass the text advertising sales. It’s predicted that EUR 1.321 billion is going to be spent on video ads while only EUR 1.238 billion on text ads. Compare it with EUR 746 million versus EUR 963 million respectively in 2011. (Catcha Digital)

60,000 times faster! That’s how much faster the brain is capable of processing visual information in comparison with textual information. (Zabisco/Entropii)

1.8 million words is equal to 1 minute of video. (Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research)

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