An affordable, efficient tool for strengthening your overall content marketing strategy, video marketing brings a wide range of benefits – from generating leads and sales, to improve your SEO and social media exposure. As one of the most cost effective asset around, you can repurpose online video across many different platforms and use it at every stage in the product life cycle, helping to facilitate the customer journey. But it’s what goes on behind the scenes that really determines the impact of your video marketing strategy.
In this article, we will look at the upfront benefits of video marketing and what it can do behind the scenes to boost your SEO.

Upfront benefits of marketing videos

Using video lets you talk directly to potential customers almost as if you were face to face. It has the personal touch, it’s naturally engaging, and it appeals to the emotions, making viewers want to share. You can reuse it in lots of different contexts to appeal to different marketing objectives, and its easily accessible to both large and small companies.

Good video SEO benefits your site as a whole in the following ways:-
•    Improving your SERP (search engine results page) rank
•    Increasing your CTR (click-through rate)
•    Reducing your bounce rate
•    Producing quality backlinks as people link to your videos

Video content in email

There are two different ways to use video in email: embedding it or inviting readers to click through to see it. People are more likely to open email containing video (as long as it’s mentioned in the subject header), and a GetResponse study of over a billion messages showed a 96% higher click-through rate for email like this. Whilst it is possible to embed video directly into an email, the majority of email platforms dont support this type of content. However, including an thumbnail image where people can click through to your website is far more effective for reaching your objectives.

Video and social media

On social media, video is fantastic for generating interest and engagement. It makes people much more likely to share a post, meaning you get noticed by new audiences , boosting your brand awareness and potentially winning you new customers. Posting video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or simply on YouTube, should improve your online lead generation.

Video content on landing pages

Online video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%, according to research by Eyeviewdigital.com. It can hook a video in as little as eight seconds – much faster than text. To be fully effective, your video needs to be prominently displayed with an appealing thumbnail image. Keep it short and concentrate on the essentials: who you are and what you have to offer.

Video SEO strategy: Behind the Scenes

Even if you’re producing great quality video content, it won’t get noticed without good SEO, because search engines won’t know what it’s about. That’s what makes the hidden detail of video SEO vital. Because Google owns YouTube, videos on YouTube are becoming increasingly prominent in search results, so when they rank well they will also give your overall SEO a big boost.

Key elements in video search engine optimisation

When you’re refining your video SEO and maximising the potential of your meta data, there are six key elements you need to concentrate on:-
•    Keywords – you can identify good video keywords by running Google searches and using only those that bring up YouTube results on the first page. “How to” is a classic example of a keyword which brings up Youtube video content, but it is important to make sure your chosen keywords have a decent monthly search through Googles Keyword Planner.

•    Video tags – tags are useful for ensuring that your video gets included in YouTube’s ‘related videos’ section. You can use your keywords again for this, and include your branding.

•    Video description – your description needs to include keywords without stuffing, so make it lengthy. A link to your site should appear close to the top to ensure that it’s displayed straight away. You can also make a request for people to like, share and embed your video.

•    Video file name – your video filename should always include your top keyword.

•    Video title – use a video title at least five words in length so you can include keywords naturally, without stuffing, and still have room for branding. We have found that starting with a keyword seems to produce better ranking results.

•    Video transcript – posting a transcript makes your video more accessible and also gives you the opportunity to reinforce all of your keywords.

A good video search engine strategy will ensure that your videos get out there and help you achieve your marketing objectives. If you choose our London studios for your video production, we can not only deliver a first class product, we can optimise it for you as well. Check out our video marketing page to see what we offer, and remember: the better your video SEO, the bigger and better your market exposure.

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