YouTube Video in your Marketing Mix

Use YouTube as a route to your target audience – with a dynamic YouTube channel and captivating video content.

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What is Youtube Video Production?

YouTube videos are essentially the same as any other video. The difference being in how the YouTube version will be treated in post-production to take advantage of the interactivity provided within the video – YouTube annotations and links the viewer can click on. These are tied into the promotional campaigns and key messages you are posting.

The other difference concerns how the video is displayed on YouTube, by which we mean the information that is provided to tell the search engines what the video is about. It is important that the video and the YouTube channel are properly set up and optimised to be found by the search engines and targeted to the intended audience.

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YouTube videos work best inside a channel that is optimised and regularly updated. Each video should link to others. The YouTube channel itself should reach out to other videos that touch on the same subjects and feature them in selected YouTube playlists, after all, bright minds think alike.

Throughout your social media video, pop ups and graphics can be arranged to draw the viewers’ attention, grab their interest and direct them to other videos, other social channels, or drive them to your website.

Benefits of a YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and videos are becoming one of the dominant bang-for-buck marketing tools. Whether you are showing promotional videos, explainer videos or customer service videos, being on YouTube is necessary.

YouTube comes complete with analytics that will tell you about who your viewers are and what they are interested in. These metrics cover more than just the vanity measures of views, but how long people watched for, what were their favourite bits and more. These insights are great for identifying additional content based on what your viewers are most interested in.

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of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

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