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Streamline learning, deliver the message, and enthuse staff and customers alike with a powerful training video.

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Explaining Training Videos

90% of information received by your brain is visual, and it’s processed 60,000 times faster than text alone. As a result, training videos are a highly effective way to educate staff, give detailed information to customers, and to develop knowledge about products and services.

Your training video will not only inform, but enhance the performance of employees and customers alike. More in-depth than an explainer video, it focuses on a particular subject – and is specifically tailored for training and development purposes.

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Training Videos for Staff, Customer Services and More

Training videos keep staff training and development consistent. Use video tutorials to educate employees about workplace safety, give them better product knowledge to pass onto customers or teach them new skills to improve motivation.

Training videos also provide your customers with the in-depth knowledge they need to make a buying decision. It demonstrates how lasting value can be generated from your products and services, making them more likely to choose you again.

Ideal for the end stages of the customers’ journey to facilitate loyalty amongst audiences who are already familiar with your brand. Combining styles in your training videos, such as 2D and 3D animation, infographics, talking heads and motion graphics, helps to keep your target audience actively engaged.

Training Videos – Benefits for Your Business

Improved staff training and development helps boost employee loyalty, which positively affects productivity. Easily accessible online, it reduces extensive training costs, cutting the requirement for travel expenses, teachers and venue hire.

Likewise, sharing in-depth knowledge online improves customer experience, and boosts retention and sales. Pressure on customer service is reduced, as questions are answered through your video content. The customer’s decision to buy from your business becomes much easier.

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