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Ready for your close-up? Use a friendly face to build trust in your brand – Highlight benefits, explain concepts and engage your customers with a talking head video.

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What are Talking Heads and Presenter-Led Videos?

A talking head video is an effective way to present information and engage your viewer, using a relatable, friendly spokesperson or video presenter. There’s two types: Interview and Presenter-Led.

Interview videos might be out in the field or in film studio, and the use of ‘real’ people gives authenticity to your business concepts and products. Using a web presenter and pre-prepared scripts adds reliability, instilling trust in the viewer and encouraging them to buy.

In short, it’s an easy-to-understand video format, which relays information swiftly and simply, whilst enhancing your brand.

Talking head videos gives your business real credibility, in a professional, informative, cost-effective way.

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Using Talking Heads to Present Your Company

A talking head video production instantly establishes a personal connection. Customers engage with your web video, which significantly enhances your brand.

It’s a great format to use when showcasing your best client testimonials, or for adding authenticity to your corporate videos. Talking heads also add a personal touch in explainer videos. In fact, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89% (WebDAM).

Choose from a variety of extras, including additional footage, interactive contact forms or infographics – which all help to reinforce your key message.


The Benefits of a Talking Heads Video

Giving your brand a friendly face is a smart move. It provides the competitive edge, and builds trust in your business. It also ensures that you’ll be the company that comes to mind when your customers are making buying decisions. People buy from people, and adding the personal touch increases trust, not to mention sales. To start making a powerful talking head video for your business, get in touch today.

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