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The 5 Production Stages

1. Discovery – Your Video Strategy

For your video to generate results, it needs to have clear direction and purpose. This initial stage is about discovering your business objectives – who your video is intended for, how it will be viewed, what action you want the viewer to take, and what results you want to generate.

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2. Pre-Production Process

At pre-production stage, we identify how to achieve your objectives within the agreed budget. We organise the various creative elements, such as video script, acting talent, and final filming details. We assemble film crew, production equipment and any additional logistical support, where needed. This is all mostly in-house, and you’ll able to sign-off all key details.

3. Production Process

The production stage is when your concept starts becoming a reality. The production team assembles in the studio or on location, for what is often an intensive, action-packed day. Our two purpose-built film studios give us the flexibility to tailor the filming process to exactly match the video concept.

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4. Post-Production

At this stage, we take the raw footage gathered at production and begin video editing. This can be a time-consuming process – reviewing the footage to identify the best shots and key moments to include. Motion graphics, such as titles and captions, may be required, and sometimes, fresh artwork is also incorporated.

5. Promotion

Without an audience, your video won’t do its job. Promotion is vital, and without a solid content marketing strategy, you’re unlikely to enjoy the full benefits that your online video has to offer. At this stage, you may want the video to be repurposed for use on social media or other online platforms. We’ll establish your video marketing plans at the discovery stage.

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