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Gain credibility, convince your target audience and establish trust in your brand with a video case study.

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Understanding Case Study Videos

73% of customers use video case studies to make a buying decision, which makes them a powerful marketing tool. Similar to testimonial videos, they use customer perspectives to help boost online lead generation and increase brand awareness.

Your video case study highlights your finest work, providing a detailed, engaging analysis of your products and services. Your target audience sees how your solution resolved another customer’s problem, and develops trust in your business.

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Showcase your Business Achievements With a Case Study Video

Your case study video acts as solid proof that your products and services are valued and trusted by your target market. It answers important questions, and supports the key messages of your marketing strategy.

It’s ideal on a product landing page, when it’s likely the viewer will be considering options to purchase. A well-structured and scripted video case study encourages conversions and answers customer queries, whilst adding credibility to your brand and marketing campaign.

Enhancing your video content with animation or infographics helps boost engagement and convey the USPs. Alternatively, repurpose to use as a customer testimonial or promo video, or to add to your social media pages.

Case Study Videos – Building Trust in Your Brand

They are credible, persuasive and shows your target audience that your products work in practice, using real-life scenarios and customer testimonials to reinforce the message.

This also makes it a great asset to provide insights into what your customers like – and don’t like- about your products. Analysing this enables you to fine-tune your future marketing campaigns for better results.

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of marketers think video case studies are an indispensable marketing tool.

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