How does your memory work? Do you think in terms of words on a page? No, you don’t.

You remember images and moments, such things as flashes of smiles, summer days, the reflection of the sun in the water and the sun moving lazily over the grass…

Emotions manifest in our memory as potent visual vignettes, which is why videos are so successful.

The basic principle of visual memory is what makes a video work; this lesson can be applied to anything, even online video production.

Video Production in the Marketing Mix

Nowadays, every company worth its salt has some sort of video output. They allow an outsider a glimpse into their ethos and working practice – they allow a customer to understand what effort, thought and dedication goes into the fashioning of a product or service.  A online video is a dual-purpose product – a combination of press release and visual memory aid, which leaves a lasting emotional impression whilst also promoting a product, specialism or service.

Often online videos will be accompanied by a press release to give context to its production and timing. Even so, this is not always necessary – a good web video exists both as a temporary promotional tool and a lasting legacy document – a permanently available resource to show clients what exactly they’re buying into.

Create a Video

If you’re looking to create a video, it might be helpful to seek out the advice of an Ad Agency or PR company. Their ability to connect with the media will provide a valuable insight into how to create the most striking video possible, to help you spread the word about your product, service or even your company itself.

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