Video Marketing Efficiency

Using videos in your online marketing strategy is no longer a luxury, but a necessity that can’t be overlooked. In 2013 audiences expect a 360-multimedia experience and videos are a part of it.

By formulating a good video marketing strategy you can not only increase your brand’s awareness and drive traffic to your website, but also drive customers directly to sales.

Benefits of using videos:

  • More engagement
  • More interaction
  • More time spent on the web page
  • More website views
  • More sales
  • Educate, entertain and inform

Google’s marketing experts define the start of an online shopping experience as the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ or ZMOT. From the time you start researching a product or brand, making comparisons and enquiries, reading reviews, watching product demos to  the point you finally decide on a purchase, you are a part of ZMOT. The key point being that in the Internet age, people are far more serious and savvy about their shopping than ever before.

So, it is up to businesses to make sure their information available to customers who are experiencing the ZMOT cycle to drive them to sales. What could be a better way of doing this than using videos?

To understand this, as an online shopper, which type of video would you be happy to share with your friends and connections?

A video with a CEO talking about how great his company is?


An engaging and informative video, explaining what you should know before buying a product?


A video featuring a product, persuading you that it will improve your quality of life?

Google likes videos that are shared, commented on, watched to the end and ‘liked’ on YouTube.

Consider this the next time you plan to produce a video for selling a product or service and when you offer your expertise. What are your customers talking about?

Short Versus Long-form Video

According to ComScore’s report in March 2013, the average length of an online content video is 5.6 minutes. This is important because nowadays, people are more familiar with digital content and their habits are changing as they pay more attention to videos than ever before.

Thus, using long and short forms of videos are both relevant, depending on your video marketing strategy; short videos as teasers to generate interest and longer length videos to inform and educate.

By using videos on landing pages that are content-heavy, you can utilise a video to its maximum potential. Including links to the video from other pages with related content is useful too. Also, allowing users to share the video helps increase awareness via word-of-mouth and/or social media.

Tags And Captions

Using YouTube as part of your SEO strategy can reap you additional benefits. The caption function in YouTube listens to your video content and provides this and generates captions. Often it mis-hears and displays gibberish as captions, however, you can manually create them to ensure Google indexes your video properly.

Also, create tags for each of your videos and use the right keywords to explain how informative or educational they are, which product or service is explained in the video, and so on.

Shares And Embed

One of the main benefits of using videos is their ‘shareability’ factor. Videos are shared more than images on social media. To use this to your advantage, make sure that you provide each video clip with its own, specific URL so that it can be played back directly. You can also embed your video in a player that has a ‘share’ option.

Allowing your video to be embedded on other websites is also a good idea as your website will gain authority in the eyes of Google. If you are concerned about third party players, you can get your own branded player (services like Wistia provide this option), which will get you a back-link to your website.

Understand the habits of your customers

Turn on your TV at 2pm and again at 8pm- what will you see? A huge difference in the types of shows. Broadcast programming is based on audience analysis and behaviour – who watches what and when.

This is also true for videos, so you should look to record and analyse data from your videos to increase their potential. Look for information on:

  • Views
  • Recency (when they drop off)
  • Engagement
  • Sharing

If you can understand the reasons behind the effectiveness of a particular video over others, you will be able to tweak your video marketing strategy accordingly. You can then properly define and segment your target customers. Also, it will provide you with valuable feedback that will relate to your product and service development strategy.

By understanding your audiences, you will be able to improve the overall experience for visitors to your website and increase their engagement levels to drive marketing success.

Capture Your Mobile Audience

Making certain your content can be viewed properly on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones is becoming easier and easier, thanks to a universal acceptance of formats like MP4 and MOV movie file extensions.

Indeed, most phones and tablets have YouTube as a native application on the device, so naturally you will be able to watch any video that is viewable on Youtube. Other top hosting sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, Wistia are also easily viewable.

Most people upgrade to smartphones these days, so the majority will be able to view your videos in the manner you intended.

Last Thoughts

Whether you are employing videos to showcase your products, to entertain the audiences, or just to showcase your company’s popularity; videos help your digital marketing strategy stay afloat and clear of the noise.

Whilst using video was once considered pulling out the big guns, in today’s digital media strategy, it’s a part of the original story. So, how are you going to write your digital video story that will lead to soaring customer acquisition rates?

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