Six Powerful Ways to Use Video Marketing for your Business in 2016

If you’re already using video content for your business, you’re probably well aware of its marketing power. Video makes 74% of people more likely to buy from your brand. 71% of people, after watching videos, have a better perception of your company. And 58% of people think businesses with video content are more trustworthy.

However, video, like any form of marketing, is constantly changing. Consumer expectations are shifting, and your corporate videos need to reflect this. Here’s a guide to the 6 key video trends set to emerge in 2016 – and how you can use them to boost sales and build brand reputation.

1) Social video.

We predict that social videos – i.e. video content shared on social media platforms, will be huge in 2016. Facebook in particular has already seen a huge increase of users sharing ‘native videos’ – videos uploaded directly to the platform – rather than sharing videos from Youtube or Instagram, so much so that it now accounts for around 60% of global video shares. In order to capitalise on this, you’ll need to develop video content that resonates directly with your target audience, encouraging them not only to view, but share with friends. Hashtags and targeted campaigns should form an integral part of your social marketing strategy.

2) 360 degree video.

One of the most hotly discussed topics in the video world in 2015 was 360 degree videos – video content that allowed the viewer to interactively change camera angles to suit what they wanted to watch in the footage. This is still in its developmental phase, so quality is relatively low, but big brands such as Red Bull are already exploring its possibilities. It’s definitely one to watch – check out Red Bull’s 360 video here to experience it for yourself.

3) Testimonial videos or Case Studies Videos.

Testimonial videos are rising in popularity, as more businesses appreciate how valuable they are in closing a sale. According to Schulze, customer testimonials are the most effective way of marketing content, with a rating of 89%. When creating a testimonial video, think about how you can convey authenticity – as this will build trust in your brand.

4) Live streaming.

Nothing captures the excitement of your corporate event like live streaming. Although the footage is broadcasted without editing, it gives a sense of immediacy – enabling your viewers to immerse themselves fully in the moment. According to Nielsen, online streaming viewers were growing at a massive 60% per month coming into 2015, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. Live streaming offers a wide range of opportunities – from increasing virtual audiences for your award ceremony, to connecting investors to your live presentations. It’s little wonder that businesses have seriously started to explore its possibilities.

5) Creating a series of videos.

One of the first rules of marketing is that it’s not enough to simply grab attention. You need to hold on to it – if you want to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. Creating a series of videos is an excellent way to achieve this. Use video content to create a narrative about your brand, or to keep your customers informed about latest developments, new products and exciting events. In short, video is highly effective at not just generating isolated sales, but encouraging loyalty and interest in your brand – a fact that businesses look set to make the most of in 2016.

6) Video on Mobile will grow and grow

Last year YouTube saw a 100% growth in watch-time on mobile devices. The same is happening on Facebook. Mobile apps and mobile video marketing will become more important – for business and consumers. YouTube found that consumers do choose to watch longer form content on their mobile devices and that long form content delivers stronger results for brands than super short content. This is great news because the videos you make for your website will work for your mobile sites.

Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2016

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