It’s still a long way off yet, but Christmas is a marketer’s favourite time of year. Why? Because your target audience are actively looking for products and services which provide great value for either themselves, family members or friends. It’s essentially the easiest time of year to sell and video content plays a massive part in many Christmas marketing campaigns. This article sets out which type of content is best for promoting your product or services according to your specific marketing needs.

Why Produce Video Content for Christmas

Video does everything from increasing ROI to building brand awareness. Aside from the well-publicised benefits of video content, there is something about Christmas adverts which people love. Think John Lewis, Sainsburys and the like – their eagerly anticipated and often heart-warming Christmas adverts never fail to go viralacross social media and getting people talking, even if they have nothing to do with any products they are selling.

Now imagine this mixed with content which actively promotes your stuff to people who are looking to make a purchase. Videos are the quickest and easiest way to get your points across, show off special features and show practical usage. In fact, across the various types of video content, there is a solution to any marketing problem, not matter where in the customer journey your audience sits.

An obvious choice and for good reason. A product video visually illustrates the value of the product in a way the standard promo cannot. 90% of consumers agreed that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process when considering purchasing an item, so if you’re not utilising it in your marketing strategy you are missing out. (Insivia.com)

Here’s an example of a product demo we produced for Multi-Sharp:

Multi-Sharp: Promo Videos and Product Demos

Another very obvious choice and a very versatile one at that. A promo video is probably the most repurposable type of video content you can make, so it’s for life not just for Christmas!

It ticks all the boxes: it describes, it shows and it actively promotes what you are trying to sell. In video form, this is powerful. People are predominantly visual learners and videos hold attention much longer than static text.

Sounds perfect, right? If you’re ready to take the next steps, we’ve written a guide on How to Commission a Promo Video we think you’ll find useful.

Here’s our latest promo:

Retrographic Book Promo

You’ve guessed it, we’ve written a How to Commission an Animated Video article too! Animation is the perfect way to demonstrate product/services which are hard to describe or show in a product demo. Alternatively, they allow you to give your company a sense of personality – you can do anything with custom animation! Think John Lewis Christmas adverts!

You will almost certainly see an increase of animated adverts on your screens over the next few weeks, purely because they are both visually appealing and work wonders for your company reputation.

Here’s an example of one we produced for BT:


These do exactly what they say on the tin: they explain. They can explain your product/service, your company values, Christmas opening times, why your offering adds value to your audience… all sorts. When people are actively looking for new purchases around Christmas, the power of the explainer is invaluable.

We made 8 explainer videos for Pinnacle Sports, view them here:

Pinnacle Sports: Multiple Language Explainer Videos


Your Christmas Video

Now is a great time to commission a marketing video for your Christmas campaign. We’ve done all different types of videos, just check out our portfolio. Alternatively, you can call or email us directly on: 020 7733 4166 and enquiries@webvideos.co.uk

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