Venue: London Business Show 2013
Date: 7th of June 2013

Transcript of WebVideos Video for Business seminar at The Business Show 2013

‘Hi, I am Andy Woodruff, MD of Webvideos,

I was invited by the organiser of the business show to discuss videos for your website.

My intention with this presentation, is to give you enough information to get started thinking about video so that you can do something about it.

We will look at:

  • The obvious question of ‘Why Video?’.
  • Why you should be taking analytics seriously.
  • Introducing our video lifecycle model that is about the context in which a video is seen
  • Video types – industry jargon-buster.
  • How long does a video need to be, to be effective?
  • The Pros and Cons of Doing It Yourself, or commissioning a video.
  • And, of course, the biggie – how much to pay!

We set up 8 years ago at the dawn of the Youtube video page, with the simple notion that websites were dull, hard to read and surely, wouldn’t a short video do a better job of explaining all that? Since then, we’ve developed into a full-service video and online production company – making videos, building websites and carrying our video marketing for clients.

We have our own film studios in Camberwell, recently launched a new division called Epik Music Videos and work with some of the most talented creative folk you could wish to find across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

So, let’s start with an assumption… You are persuaded by video. Then you have a head start!

The statistics, and pretty much universal consumer and trend research, speaks for itself.

  • 44% of customers strongly agree that they purchase more products after viewing a related video
  • When it comes to sharing content on social media, videos are likely to be shared by 47% of respondents
  • Video on the web is a hot topic worldwide and UK online video viewing is growing at more than 40% per year

Pretty much everyone these days is YouTube-savvy. It is a world of moving images and they are wide open to video as a form of engaging communication regardless of age. M & S have invested in video catwalks for their fashion ranges- many other high street retailers do this, too.

Everything that has a digital pulse can be measured. Get serious about understanding your Analytics. A wealth of preferences and trends are at your fingertips and free. This is where you will find your ROI proof.

To understand the context of video, we developed this Video Lifestyle Model. It helps to understand where someone is at in their buying process and so what type of message to deliver them at each stage.

‘Acknowledgement…’ The ‘who you are’, your brand, what you have to offer

‘Engagement…’ Shows the ‘face’ of your business, offers your credentials and experience and where you can help.

Which takes us through to:

‘Conversion… ‘ You have the viewer, they are engaged with you and now you can prompt an action (an email contact, free samples, a purchase etc).

And, hugely important, if sometimes easily overlooked..

‘Post Sales…’ Loyalty, service, value-added. We know without a doubt that to retain a customer and engage with them is more cost-effective than the time and energy resources required in converting new customers.


The most important question you have to ask is ‘what are you trying to achieve with the video?’ What do you want the viewer to do once they have seen the video and how do you want them to feel? Whatever your service, product or sector you will want to position your brand, build awareness of what you do, get the customer to acknowledge that you can help them.

  • Entertain to engage… a certain amount of creativity, pizzaz and even humour … will hook your viewer.
  • Educate your market… open up new ideas and opportunities that you can provide
  • Demonstrate, in real time, a new product or service. VIEW more rather than READ more. Again, Youtube-savvy folk are open to clear and concise explanations
  • Convert to a lead and make your sale.
  • Answer common problems with simple solutions. Value-added customer care, updates, innovations, problem solvers will all keep your audience coming back to you. Become a resource!

Types of Video for Business

There are a multitude of ways and approaches to approach a video treatment- these are just some of them:

  • Location: Is it important to the message that you are somewhere specific?
  • Event: Create a mini-documentary on your event
  • Presentation: Like this one today… we are filming this seminar and will post it to our website…
  • Interview: CEO / Inventor / Expert… get the expertise out there
  • Timelapse: Big project treatments
  • Behind the Scenes: Loved by most curious people. What actually happens? Bloopers? Fun? Personality?
  • Whiteboard: Simple and extremely effective in the right circumstances
  • Talking heads: Vox pops. Testimonials.
  • Montage: A slideshow of photos with music and titles
  • Illustrations and Animation: Can often overcome difficult or sensitive subject matter, works for different territories / languages or inject huge amounts of humour
  • Case Study: The story of you/it/us/this

Would your video work better with subtitles, possibly to fulfil cultural or language requirements?

A presenter… It could be you as the face of your company, opening up a direct dialogue with potential customers. It can work to great effect. However, most people are horrified when they see themselves on film and it is a very defined skill to manage a script, timing, beats and clarity. Mostly, you will go with a professional presenter, who can save you time and money. Often, a sensible alternative is a voiceover. Background music is an art in itself- free or licensed or original commissions are all choices.

Content is King
– the phrase may be a catch-all cliché, but at its heart is an essential truth; if it is good enough, people will watch, engage, act.

That is not to say more is better, just that more is more…. What you have to have do is do it well.

So realistically you have:

  • 10 secs to grab attention
  • 20% will click away in 10 seconds – the accidental tourists who were never really interested in what you had to say.
  • 33% will have gone by 30 seconds – but you have planted a 30 second message with them…
  • 45% will have gone by 1 minute – but now you are doing ok – a 1-minute video is a good chunk of message! You have got engagement.


  • You will have 40% by 2 minutes – these are your new bff’s!

These numbers generally remain the same however long the video is – which stacks up nicely against direct marketing stats!


The first recommendation that we always give is do your research and work out your brief. You are the best person to start the ball rolling, you know more than anyone what you can do. And whether you commission a video or project manage yourself the research is key.

By this we mean…

  • Work out your script, nothing fancy, scriptwriters do the fancy work, but get the essence and build a storyboard and create mood references. What have you seen that resonated with you, do a cut and paste of styles, colours, a mood board of images, sounds etc.
  • Will you keep it to a VO, hire a professional presenter, use studio facilities, autocue the script
  • Do you like a style of Director… or is it a simple studio talking head shoot and can you be the Director? Are you good at bringing out the best in people?
  • You will need a cameraman with sound capture kit
  • And an editor, to get you to the right conclusion, not to mention some graphics, such as captions and logos to round everything off.

The UK has a worldwide reputation in the creative services industry – a quick search will reveal a multitude of talent across all the disciplines mentioned above. Check them out, look at their portfolios, ask them exactly what they did on the videos they feature in their showreels.

Outsourcing to a Video Production partner

There are many, many companies who do what we do. Some specialise in particular industries. For example, high-end animation is an expensive route and best handled by specific animation houses for example.

Finally – how much should a video cost?

It all depends on the treatment – the approach, the production values, the creativity, the planning.

There is simply no getting away from this.

However, if you prepare your brief properly and plan your production with care, then there is no reason why you can’t get videos in the hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. These would be simple videos, of course, and not the massive extravaganzas you might see on a TV ad break. They are designed for a return on investment above all.

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