What are your online videos doing for you? Last year, internet users watched 38.2bn free videos – up 43% year on year – so we know they’re a good idea, but how can you measure your own video engagement? These key metrics can help you assess the effect of different marketing tactics.

Video Engagement.

How many people have seen the video? How many watched it all the way through? For those who dropped out, when did they drop out? These numbers provide vital information, helping you work out your return on marketing investment and improve VSEO (video search engine optimisation). They include paid as well as organic traffic, because it’s often a good idea to use a paid campaign to get going – big numbers are part of what attracts new viewers.

Engagement metrics. How are people interacting with your video? By looking at the number of likes, comments, shares and re-tweets it attracts on social media, you can tell a lot about how it’s being received. Comparing this metric for different videos helps you establish more effective marketing strategies. One thing you’ll notice very quickly is that emotional videos get a lot more attention than others. Viewers don’t just share them more – they also remember them better.

Mobile metrics. The popularity of smartphones means that video marketing services are increasingly geared towards them. Knowing how many people are viewing your videos on mobile devices is useful. It can help you measure how keen people are to engage with your live event filming, or assess how easily you could reach them when they’re out and about, shopping near your premises.

Drop-out metrics. One of the great things about using video instead of text is it lets you see exactly when people lose interest. This means you can work out if something in the video is putting them off, if your target demographic prefers shorter videos or if there’s a technical issue. You can add or remove auto-play to suit viewers’ preferences and can make better decisions about what you’d like to do differently in your next video.

Call-to-action measurements. The key to working out your video ROI is knowing whether or not viewers responded to your call for action. Whether you wanted them to visit your website, download a file, enter a competition, leave their contact details or purchase a product, how many actually followed through? As well as giving you directly useful numbers, this metric is the starting point for analysing any problems, helping you ensure that your next video will be more successful.

Using these marketing metrics will help you track the indicators that matter most in relation to the reason you commissioned your video, over the short or long term. As long as you are clear about your goal, they can let you calculate return on investment and work out where changes might boost your success. They are the starting point for an ongoing process of refinement and increased returns.

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