Summer is here – the time of year when you set out to promote your business at festivals, conferences and public events. There’s always a lot going on and you’ll be looking for every opportunity to boost brand awareness, so why not consider event video as a way to get more out of each occasion?

Our live event filming service includes a whole range of events including meetings, conferences, seminars, graduation ceremonies, comedy shows and, most commonly, live music performances.

What Live Event Filming can do for you

1 – Connect face to face with people from all walks of life, regardless of cultural, demographic and geographical boundaries.

2 – Discover things you never knew about your audience target. Used in your marketing strategy, your event film can help you find out who is most interested in your brand and what appeals to them most.

3 – Develop an online presence that’s open and inviting. Event videos make your brand more transparent, increasing customer trust and helping you to stand out from the competition.

4 – Increase brand awareness by making event video promotion part of your wider marketing campaign. Show viewers that you’re an active business, taking a leading role within your sector. Extend the marketing potential of your event by filming it and repurposing it into promo videos!

5 – Promote your business. Filming at an event gives you the chance to capture vox pops and testimonials from your audience to add to your promotional material. There’s nothing like positive peer review to boost customer confidence – they are regarded as highly as recommendations from friends and family!

6 – Produce great video marketing material in a cost-effective way. Internet users love videos that educate, entertain or show what you’ve been up to. Event videos can do all this without the cost of setting things up specially and acts as promo video material to encourage brand awareness, leads and sales all at once.

7 – Improve your performance at events by watching your videos with your team to identify strengths and weaknesses.

8 – Strengthen your training by using your business video to teach staff how to perform at events and how to promote your business effectively to your target audience.

9 – Build an archive. Web video production isn’t just about meeting your immediate marketing goals – it’s about the future. Your event video shows prospective clients what you’ve achieved and helps you tell the story of your business.

10 – Create material that can be repurposed in multiple ways. Use it in a web video on YouTube and Vimeo for lead generation, edit it to produce short educational films or promotional videos, or screen it at other events.

Things to Consider in Event Filming

Event filming is one of the most demanding types of business video production because there’s so much to keep track of. You’ll need to deal with the event itself, coordinate all the people and equipment needed for your film, and work out how to film without getting in the way of the event. Lighting can be a challenge especially in clubs, in large venues or when you’re filming outside. You might also have issues with sound if the venue’s equipment is substandard or is actively interfering with yours.

Why work with a Video Production Company?

Using professional video production services means you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of creating your event video, freeing you up to focus on the event itself.

Filming events means there is only one chance to get it right. A professional company with a good record of producing business videos can anticipate the issues that can arise and will have the specialist equipment, skill and expertise to deal with them. When it comes to event filming, London is one of the best places you can be, but our professional team can be at your disposal anywhere in the UK. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen.

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