WebVideos: Voxpop-style Testimonial Video

Great customer reviews build trust in your brand and products

Our Requirement:

A testimonial video helps you to validate your marketing messages. We wanted solid proof that video content was the future of online marketing, and we wanted to hear it straight from the mouths of the people that matter… YOU. Why? Well because what better way to convince our audience that video for marketing is a worthy investment than by asking their audience the general public? After all, word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful technique.

Our Approach:

Finding strangers to talk to camera is never that difficult if you approach them in the right way. We put together our smallest team of Presenter, Cameraman and Sound Technician and headed out onto the streets of London on a Friday lunchtime. We sought the crowded areas where we could create more of a fuss and draw a crowd.

Over a couple of hours we spoke to and interviewed about 20 people representing a fair cross-section of the London public. Our presenter had a selection of questions to ask, but also the remit to go off-brief if the conversation was heading in an interesting direction.

The Results:

See for yourself! Each and every one of the people interviewed agreed that video content has more appeal than static text, with a few maintaining that they would rather visit a website WITH video than one without. If we did this survey again today the response would be even more adamantly in favour of video.

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