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INK Global. One of the world’s leaders in travel media and a great bunch of people in general.

The Problem:

Their target market is very diverse. They needed to learn how to produce engaging, effective content for a global online marketing strategy which would appeal to their wide customer base, which was tricky considering the various characteristics and preferences of their market.

INK provide in-flight magazines for 26 Airlines in 8 languages.  Their world is changing and now their clients want video to include in their marketing. INK aren’t short on ideas, but they didn’t know what was possible and wanted to understand the production process better so they could provide quality video content for their clients.

The Solution:

Video Content. It appeals to people from all walks of life and is a natural and engaging way to get your audience’s attention – no matter what their preferences are or what industry you are in.

Their Requirements:

They came to us needing professional advice on how to go about commissioning some great video content for their global marketing campaigns. Ones that will get their key messages across to their globally diverse audience and ones that will inspire customers to travel the world!

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Video Production Workshop for Marketers Case Study IMG_6348
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Topics Covered:

For Starters:

  • Video Production overview – the who, the what, the why… and some film grammar.

Pre-Production: planning your content

  • What is a brief? What is a treatment?
  • Brainstorming content ideas
  • How to write a brief and treatment which effectively communicates your messages with your audience.
  • The Do’s and the Don’t’s

Production: bringing your concepts to life

  • Familiarising your team with professional production equipment
  • Learning how to set up equipment, team roles and how they fit together

Post-Production: the editing process

  • A basic how to and best practices
  • Top tips from the professionals

The Conclusion:

  • Your team walks away with their own concepts for future marketing videos
  • Your team understand what is involved to get them produced using:
    – In-house resources for the simple videos
    – Expert production teams for the more complex ideas.
  • A better understanding of how to produce them in-house.
  • Inspiration – the fear factor is taken away and ideas can now flourish

The Results?

The whole day was tailored to suit INK Global based on their business, their market and their needs. Here’s what they gained:

  • Great team bonding and a more synchronised, streamlined and efficient approach to creating great content.
  • Professional advice from industry experts
  • Hand-ons, practical experience with professional production equipment
  • Advice on how to tailor their content to suit your individual business needs
  • They walked away with a barrel full of knowledge,
  • A solid treatment for their first marketing video as well as a few more practice ones for subsequent video content.
  • Free sweets!

Most importantly, they all enjoyed themselves! But don’t just take our word for it…

Video Production Workshop for Marketers Case Study brainstorming1
Video Production Workshop for Marketers Case Study IMG_6328
Video Production Workshop for Marketers Case Study learn-video-production-process

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for hosting us. Everyone came away buzzing. I really liked the pace and tone, there was a lot to take in but somehow it felt like fun rather than training, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Now we have our first video ready to produce! Brilliantly done, so thanks for that.

Kerstin Zumstein

Editorial Director, INK Global

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