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Self-Presented Talking Head Video Presentation

Self-Presented Coaching Video

Total Awareness Coaching is run by David Thompson (MA). David helps leaders at all levels communicate more clearly, perform more effectively and inspire the people around them.

The Coaching Video Project

He came to WebVideos looking for a series of videos based around some new pages he was creating whilst updating his current website. Filming David was straightforward as he is an experienced public speaker, had written the scripts himself and was very keen on doing the presentations to camera himself. The client was filmed against greenscreen in a small studio at Camberwell Studios.

Post Production Compositing & Graphics

We edited the video and added post production graphics in the style of the client’s website, using shapes, fonts & colours that would ensure brand continuity between the website & the video.

Bespoke Flash Player

The final video was integrated into a bespoke flash video player. We then gave the client a few lines of html code to implement the videos which we continue to host with a very low cost hosting package. Note Jan 2016 – it is very very rare that any sort of bespoke video player development is required. Most requirements can be easily satosfied by configurable off-the-shelf packages these days. See David’s website here http://dtimpact.com

Total Awareness Coaching Video Presentations

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