Street Fit

Promotional Video and Video Idents for Dance Fitness

The Client

Thanks to the recent success of dance acts such as Flawless and Diversity, there has never been a more popular time for Street Dance. At the forefront of this burgeoning market are Street Fit, who offer a fitness program that blends keep-fit regimes and street dancing classes.

The Project

In order to capitalise on this trend, Street Fit approached WebVideos to create videos for web circulation, demonstrating both their dancing class strand and their fitness franchise, which shows how you too can be a personal trainer.

We at Webvideos were inspired by the energy that Street Fit put into their work and decided to approach the promotional videos with a style reminiscent of the TV talent shows that popularised this new wave of dance schools.

Promotional Video Production that Define the Brand

Our slate of videos included a promotional video to set up the brand, an introduction to the Street Fit concept website, a behind-the-scenes video, a ‘how to be a trainer’ guide, and a whole host of shorter dance idents with the strapline ‘I am Street Fit.’

With this varied line-up, we were able to showcase our versatility, infusing the central concept clip with the high production value of a music video and cutting the ‘behind-the-scenes’ promotional video with the intimate vox-pops and snappy editing of an X-Factor episode.

Street Fit streetfit-3
Street Fit streetfit-2

Webvideos are the film production company to work with. In fact, they’re our favourite production company in London! Their standards for both video and production work were very high, and the final product looks great.

They gave us a full range of videos, showing both our dance classes in London, and how to train trainers – and they even provided us with a new slogan, ‘Love Dance, Love Fitness, Love Street Fit’, which now accompanies all of our branding.


Letise Sampson and David Fryer

Principles, Street Fit

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