Seniors Helping Seniors - Video Case Study

Promotional video for elderly care provider

About The Client

Care of the elderly is a sector where trust is everything. Conveying this through video was the challenge we faced for our clients ‘Seniors Helping Seniors.’

As Sally Wilse said “We pride ourselves on matching care Provider and Client carefully. The uniqueness of the relationships shine through all elements of the care we provide. We wanted to show that to people.

Care in Action

Anyone who works with Seniors Helping Seniors and anyone who has used our services know how unique we are. Our services will be needed more and more in the years to come and we want more families to know about the care we offer.

The World Health Organisation has ranked UK’s health service as low as 18th in the world, which is pretty shocking and means that people have to supplement what is available on the NHS. People are living a lot longer, more families are living with Dementia and elderly care in this country has a horrible reputation.

Showing is Knowing

Client Testimonial – From Sally Wilse
People do their research online. We have great testimonials and great case studies; we describe our services and our mission really well. We felt a ‘fly on the wall’ short video would show people what we actually do. Our Providers and knowing how to properly support people who are ageing, is what sets our service apart.

WebVideos told us 80% of people recall video advertisements and 64% are more likely to buy after watching a video and they helped us define the right videos for our needs.

These videos capture the warmth and what we get up to every day very well indeed.

We got a longer video for the website where a Provider and Client talks to camera about how they feel about the service and a 15 seconds video with voiceover for social media.

There isn’t really much more for us to say. Thank you” – Sally.

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