The Client

Powerflush is a nationwide franchise that provides a specialist service cleaning out domestic heating systems so that heat is properly circulated throughout the house. This can also saves customers up to 50% on their heating bills.

The Project

The Powerflush service does cost more than a normal service and can appear an intrusive process, with lots of pipes and machinery being trudged throughout the house. This is far from the truth, but it’s a concern that the target market of over-50’s feel strongly about.

The objective of the video is clearly to increase the numbers of conversions (that is, people who visit the site and get in touch) to get an instant quote or call the freephone number. The challenge was to reassure the viewer and then convert in about 90 seconds.

The starting point is always agreeing the objective of the video. With that done, we considered the approach. An inspiration came from a previous piece of work we’d undertaken with BT that set out the different steps of an installation process.

The Production

We initially created a script and spent considerable time talking around the precise meaning of words and the context they would be received in. This led to a storyboarded version of the script (scanned in hand-drawing) showing the key scenes and providing the first sense of pacing. This in turn led to sharpening the script, taking out repetition, superfluous words to allow the animation and sound-scape to play their role too.

Filming in this case was straightforward – a relaxed half-day in the studio with cast and crew working through the script, getting the lighting and angles sorted and also a tiny improvement to the script that only became apparent under the glare of the camera – it just didn’t sound right.

Animation and Compositing

The biggest part of the production of this video came after filming. Creating the 3D environments that the actors would appear in – making sure the filmed angles aligned, getting distance and perspective right. A few of the ‘noises’ such as gurgling water and banging boilers were added. The background muzak was added towards the end. Its objective is to keep the production gently rolling along.

Powerflush: Explainer Video powerflush2
Powerflush: Explainer Video powerflush3

I am so pleased we finally had this video made. There have been a number of benefits. Firstly, we receive fewer ‘FAQ’-type questions- the video answers those. Secondly, the enquiries we get are better qualified and finally, we’re busier that last year. That is what I had hoped for, so yes, very pleased. Recommended.

Tarquin Purdie

Managing Director, Powerflush

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