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About the Client

Kcom are one of the UK’s oldest suppliers of telephone services, dating back over 110 years. They are also one of WebVideos’ oldest customers. The work we carry out for them generally falls into two areas: Internal communications – for example briefing the sales force and providing them collateral to use with their customers – in the post-sales support area which is where this project was focussed.

The Project

Kcom wanted to provide basic training for users of its Cisco IP telephone systems. Although the products are inherently easy to use, they do require some orientation for first time users. Normally Kcom would provide staff to walk the floors and show users how to take advantage of the full range of features. This can be an expensive exercise and once delivered, the training is gone. Instead, Kcom have commissioned a series of ‘how to’ training videos, that start at the beginning with a high-level overview of the system, then systematically shows in detail how to place or transfer a call, check availability and use some of the popular but less obvious services such as instant messaging and extension mobility. A key element of the project was to work out a process by which scores of similar videos showing different features could be turned out at an affordable and predictable cost.

The Approach

Although essentially a simple project, there was a surprising amount of devil in the detail. For example, the Kcom brand guidelines were never designed to take into account video and the demands for colour, fonts and styles to accurately isolate and show key elements had to be worked out. The tone of voice was another key component, reflected in the script with contemporary language (customers are no longer called ‘subscribers) as well the choice of voiceover.

Training Video Production

Our starting point on projects like this is to get the first video made, show the customer, take the feedback, make amends and create the template that will serve all similar videos. In this case, we undertook two key areas of activity – researching the phones and their functionality and aligning this with the client-supplied information. We then filmed the devices transacting the various processes. These were used for reference when it came to creating the final videos, so that they accurately represented the process taking place on screen.

Kcom: Training Video kcom-logo

We’ve been working with WebVideos for a while now in a couple of areas. Video is a good way of equipping the sales force with collateral to use in their meetings, to break down barriers and help present a consistent, accurate message. We have also used video as part of a user guides initiative, where the customer is shown step-by-step instructions to learn how to use their new IP phone systems.

They have always shown us great flexibility and always come with solutions to problems. Best of all, they always deliver when they say they will. And of course, the videos they produce are good and have been working well for us. Good work
Lisa Goodhand

Product Marketing Manager, Kcom

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