INK Global: Promo Recruitment Video

INK Global: Promo Recruitment Video

The Requirement: Promotional Recruitment Videos

INK Global is the leading provider of in-flight magazines for airlines. They wanted a promotional recruitment video to show potential employees what they are like to work for: their environment and their culture.


The Results

This video had an unusual genesis.

When we first met INK Global they were in a research phase trying to understand how to use video for their business and especially for their clients. As a print-based business with clients whose readership is literally stuck in their passenger seats it could be argued why worry.

Our first engagement was a Video Production Workshop where we gave their entire editorial and creative teams a one-day practical overview of the video production process. This led to the development of a brief and outline treatment for the video that we subsequently filmed at their offices with, as you can clearly see, a large involvement from the staff themselves.

Find out what happened when INK Global took part in our Video Production Workshop, here.

After creating this video with the INK team we pointed out how suitable the video was for being edited into shorter pieces specifically for use on social media. As a value-added extra the value for money these shorter instagram videos represent is hard to beat.

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