Hemlow Commercial Maintenance Promo Video

Informative Promotional Video

About the Client

Hemlow needed an informative and memorable video to inform their potential clients and current clients about their Air Conditioning in Commercial Offices course, which contributes to a CPD diploma.

The Production Project

We planned for the visuals of this video to be made completely digitally, with a distinctive look and style. What style? 1950s-inspired vector images juxtaposed with modern visual principles. Sounds crazy, but put together, the whole concept works.

The real work began when we sat down and brainstormed the potential images that would not only match the script, but also be in tune with the video, contributing to the feel. We decided to interpret words used in the script meant in a literal way, turning them into a visual metaphor, but with the added fun, creativity and movement that only video can offer.

Professionally, we thought out of the box. Conceptually, we made something really cool, mixing 2D and 3D graphics to get the job done.

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