Forte Media Presenter-Led Video

About the Client

Forte Create is an educational-based media company situated in the north west of England. The head office is located in Prestwich. They approached us with their requirement for a video that would introduce the company and summarise their business proposal to be produced.

The client felt that they weren’t getting their message across quickly enough, so we agreed that a short, 1-minute explainer video would be able to deliver that message effectively, thereby capturing and maintaining the interest of visitors to the website.

The Production Project

Filming the Presenter: the presenter was filmed against greenscreen in a small studio at Camberwell Studios along with various other pieces of work for additional clients. We agreed with the client on using Michael Murphy to present the video, who has a wealth of experience both on TV and on Stage.

Post Production Compositing and Graphics:

We edited the video and added graphics in the style of the client’s website in post-production, using shapes, fonts and colours that would ensure brand continuity between the website and the video.

Bespoke Flash Player:

The final video was integrated into a bespoke flash video player. This enabled us to also integrate a web form into the video to provide visitors with the immediate option of getting in contact at the point when the video had captured their interest.
We then gave the client a line of html code to implement the video which we continue to host with a very low cost hosting package.

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