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EPiK* Music Videos came to us a fledgling business. Providing a traditional musical video production service, they were keen on a website that would work to generate sales leads and properly represent their business to what they admitted was an unknown entity at that point.

It was important that the website’s look and feel could be modified to evolve as they grew as a business. This was an ideal opportunity to consider a complete solution, that incorporated graphic design, web-development and some internet marketing solutions, including platforms like Google and Facebook.

Graphic Design

When it comes to the look and feel of a website (or anything graphically-oriented) a huge amount of subjectivity is encountered. EPiK already had a distinctive, brightly-coloured logo, so that helped with the colour-scheme. Mostly screenshots from videos would be used to showcase work or articles and so the main challenge was an aesthetic framework that would work across the board.

Website Design

The site design was focused around simplicity and clarity of navigation: how could we help different people on their way? Some would want to know, “how much does a video cost?” and others would prefer to read and investigate more before getting in touch.

EPiK wanted a system whereby they could be trained to update their own pages, adding new images and copy without having to always deal with us for each and every little change (and we’re very happy about this, by the way).

The site had to generate leads that meant being able to capture customer information. The site has a contact form that requires just an email address to get in touch, as well as non-mandatory fields asking for more information. As a point of interest, most people who get in touch always asked some questions and provided full contact details that helped assess the strength of their interest.

Internet Marketing

The videos should speak for themselves – each one a unique window to the creative sensibility of the director and EPiK themselves. What EPiK was after was making sure the videos HAD THE CHANCE TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES- that meant getting relevant, interested viewers to come to the website to have a look.

The overall approach to the internet marketing approach we developed was to “be ourselves: be open, helpful, a little bit controversial and always entertaining.” To date, we have used the following tactics:

  • Content Generation

To connect with the intended market place.
Articles have been a core element of the overall approach. People like to be educated and if you can amuse and entertain them at the same time, you will stand a higher chance of being liked, respected and ultimately attract the right types of customers, turning away the wrong sort- the ‘no budget’ wannabees.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

As part of the content generation.

  • Google Ads

Reliable and dependable, but get them wrong and waste a lot of money

  • Facebook Ads

Social media is a perfect way of generating interest

  • Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

As the core planks of this approach.

And what happened?

Every week EPiK gets new leads from around the UK, sometimes Ireland and occasionally further afield, too.

Initially a lot of these were timewasters: people who were only curious or could budget just a few hundred pounds. This lead to changes in messaging, being clearer from the outset about likely costs and being clear about expectations. The portfolio page was added, then redesigned and is now one of the primary landing pages for visitors.

From this came better leads with better budgets and we were consequently able to make better videos. There is now a continual cycle of website content improvement and sassier online marketing in place, all intended to help EPiK know our market better.

* – EPiK is short for ‘EPK’ which is an acronym for ‘Electronic Press Kits’. For more information about EPKs, read here: EPK Videos.

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EPiK Music Videos: Marketing & Web Design Epik

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