City Warriors: Maxim Promo

Promotional Video for Model Boxing Show

About the Client / Project

MAXIM is the UK’s leading online mens’ lifestyle magazine. Together with one of our longstanding clients, City Warriors, they were putting on an evening of glamour-model boxing to be held in London in November 2011.

Naturally, they wanted to tell their massive online audience what was happening and commissioned us to create a short video heralding the event.

Concept / Post Production / Editing / Graphics

We were united in our desire to mix the glamour with the grime and so hired out a grubby boxing gym in London’s East End. The gym had everything – grime, a ring, ancient weights machines and years worth of boxing paraphernalia lying about on the floor. It was just what we needed.

For the 8 hours of filming we used 4 different cameras (handheld Canon’s 5D, 7D, 550 and the Sony EX1 [on tripod]). We worked the girls hard: posing, sparring, laughing and getting a proper old sweat up. It was one of our most enjoyable days in recent months.

We broke the film into two integrated elements – the title sequences announcing the fight at the beginning and the action footage as a counterpoint in the middle. In the edit, we use After Effects. From start to finish, the project took 3 weeks.

City Warriors: Maxim Promo city-warriors-london-boxing-logo-sport-branding-rs-654_654_caplowres-copy

A tight creative unit who perform over and above the brief. Recommended!

Stuart Messham

Editor, Maxim Magazine (Dennis Publishing Group)

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