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  Webvideos long standing relationship with BT started in 2008 with the launch of the Sony Go!Messenger communication service allowing thousands of Sony PSP users to communicate with each others across Europe. Since then we have helped BT in develop their online video strategy by providing answers to customer related issues with videos: from crossover promo/service video to advertise and explain a new broadband service, to the implementation of a FAQ’s videos database. Below we explain the type of issues BT came up with to us and how we responded.

Promotional Videos Production

  • BT Fibre Trial (upto 100mb) and BT Infinity (upto 40mb)

Within a very competitive industry of broadband and super fast broadband services, BT wanted to stand out from its main competitors Virgin Media and Sky by engaging with its customers with pre-sale videos. As BT marketing director David James put it in 2011: “Broadband is the fuel that drives our business. Every marketing campaign will have a broadband element to it. Even if an ad’s key messaging is more about TV package BT Vision, we will communicate this is all possible because of great broadband.”

Pre-Sales Approach

With an estimated 21 millions customers in the UK to convince and a reputation for customer care, the main purpose of both these videos was to inform, reassure and educate about what is involved in the BT Infinity and BT Fibre installation processes before the customers could make a decision to switch to these services. Because of the technical side of the videos, our team worked closely with members of the BT Infinity team plus a BT One Voice pre-approved scriptwriter Guy Nicholls. We chose to set the action in a fictional home using animation to allow every viewer to relate to his/ her own home through a neutral interior design. Using a public figure – Gabby Logan – as a presenter was also a good way to help people have confidence that BT would deliver a smooth and efficient service.

Watch the videos:

Customer Service Videos Production

With 6.3 million broadband customers in the UK, there is no surprise that BT call centre can be sometimes overwhelmed by customers issues. To help reduce the costs of their call centre and free the lines for major issues, BT was confident that WebVideos could bring a solution once again through engaging customer service videos.

  • BT.com Understanding Your Bill

The main requirement for WebVideos was to explain how the customer’s bill was made up. BT has strong brand guidelines to follow such as the fonts, colours and shapes. Therefore a team from BT was involved though-out the process, from the script writing, to picking-up the right presenter, attending the shoot, video editing and implementation. Once again, our BT One Voice pre-approved scriptwriter Guy Nicholls was a good addition to our team and Gabby Logan with her reassuring presence was as always a good choice for BT.

Watch the video:

  • BT Broadband Life – online help system

BT Broadband Life – videos and website produced by Webvideos. After identifying a number of specific issues related to the BT Total Broadband service, BT came to us to provide a series of 11 customer videos help guides available through an online help system. Once again we had to work closely with a team of BT engineers in a series of in-depth consultations to ensure the technical information was accurate and easy to understand. All the videos were produced with and without subtitles to comply with BT’s policy on hearing impairment accessibility. Webvideos had to work hand to hand with Lbi (Lbi.com), a global design agency in charge of BT.com design. We provided 11 videos and a custom made video- player according to Lbi technical and visual requirements, in a timely and costly manner.

Customer Service Tutorial Videos + Web Page Design / Hosting/ Faq Database

  • BT Gaming and Gadgets

Customer Service Tutorial Videos: BT Gaming and Gadgets The BT broadband hub allows video games consoles owners to connect their devices and other gadgets to the Internet. As with any big success BT call centre was receiving a large amount of calls related to configuration problems. The obvious answer was a series of video tutorials. We can expect video games users to be comfortable watching videos. So, there was no need to produce a presenter-led video to reassure the viewer. A series of 9 short videos with graphics showing step by step the process of connecting each device to the BT hub was enough to meet all expectations. The customers tutorial videos have been successful as the amount of queries received through the online help facility (which was also provided by WebVideos) have been negligible. Amazingly, for the most part BT do not host their own videos (in 2008/9) , so it was agreed that we would build and host the Gaming and Gadgets website with all the videos. We had to work with Lbi, BT’s global design agency. They supply a basic website template which we re-designed to fit in with the rest of the BT Broadband Life section and our videos. We also added a custom made flash player to navigate from different gaming and gadget tutorial videos.

BT/Sony PSP – Go!Messenger Software: Tutorial Videos / Faq Database Go!Messenger has been a great success beyond all targets and once again with the success the call centre had to deal with too many issues.
BT had two objectives:

  • To provide great customer service.
  • To show users how to enjoy all the services available to encourage usage and customer commitment.

Together, BT and Webvideos devised the structure and content of each tutorial video. We took into consideration two very important things

1) The customer journey. How would users arrive at the videos? How would they influence the customers purchase decision?

2) The customer experience. Go!Messenger is intuitive and easy to use and the final outcome of the web based videos had to reflect this. The result was a custom built webpage and web based flash video player.

Implementation of this required us and the client to mere technical, functional and creative processes in response to requirements that were inevitably undergoing change as the launch date came closer. It covers the broadest range of our business, technical, design and creative skills.

BT bt-still1
BT bt-still21

“Webvideos brought a dynamic and flexible approach to solving problems. That, allied with their creativity and technical understanding, meant we were able to implement a series of ‘how to’ videos on time and to budget. We were impressed by their commitment and professionalism”.

Kenneth Browning

GM Customer Experience BT, BT

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