BT: Using Sony PSP Go!Messenger

About the Client

In February 2008, BT collaborated with Sony to launch the Go!Messenger communication service, which enabled thousands of Sony PSP gaming device owners to communicate via voice and video across five countries in Europe.

Since launch, Go!Messenger has been a phenomenal success and exceeded all targets. The online videos have met all expectations; customer queries received through the online help facility (which was also provided by WebVideos) have been negligible.

The Production Project

BT had two objectives:

  • To provide outstanding customer service.
  • To show users how to enjoy all the services available and so encourage their usage and commitment to Go!Messenger.

BT and WebVideos worked together to devise the structure and content of each web-based tutorial video. There were two considerations that guided this thinking:

The customer journey– how would users arrive at the videos? The videos had to be considered as a collective whole to be accessed from one web page, as well as standalone pieces.

The customer experience– Go!Messenger is intuitive and easy to use; the final outcome of the web based videos had to reflect this. The result was a custom-built webpage and web-based Flash video player where all the videos can be selected and watched. The menu has a short description and below each video there is accompanying text that the viewer can print off if that suits them. It’s all about good customer service.

This implementation required us and the client to simultaneously meld together technical, functional and creative processes in response to requirements that were inevitably undergoing change as the launch date came closer.

In many ways this was not a typical web-based video implementation. It covers the broadest range of our business, technical, design and creative skills. We firmly believe that this capability is crucial to fully embracing what online communications have to offer.

BT/Sony-PSP Go! Software Tutorials bt-client

Go!Messenger is a joint initiative between BT Retail and Sony UK to turn the Sony PSP into a communication device as well as a gaming console. WebVideos provided the on-line instructions using videos to explain key features in a friendly and helpful manner. They also provided the CRM system and the intelligence behind the FAQ database.

WebVideos were proactive, efficient, professional, flexible and agile. Without them we would not have delivered the project on time and to budget. WebVideos’ approach and the quality of their work surpassed all expectations. I will be using them again.

Tunde Adebayo

Lead Solution Design, Project Nene, BT Retail

Video help has had a positive impact on the take up and usage of the Go!Messenger service. Our objectives were to show customers how to set up the service and use features available in as easy a way as possible.

There has been a significant reduction in contacts to the help desk and [the video] has provided visual and audio help to a wide range of customers at the time when they need the help with the service. Not only does this help with the customer base, it has also been a great benefit on our staff’s education of our product and an understanding of how to approach customer service issues.

Joe Tyndyke

Head of Converged Product Services, BT Openzone Customer Satisfaction

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