Retrographic Book Promo

Retrographic Book Promo

The Requirement: Promotional Video

Michael D. Carroll came to us with his incredible new book Retrographic which features famous black and white historical photos, plus a few extras, restored in colour for the first time. Michael wanted a promo video that not only advertised the book, but also recreated how it felt to read it. To us, it has to be as compelling as the photographs themselves and this meant powerful visuals and emotive music.

The Results

The music was key so that’s where we started. We worked directly with Michael to find the right song. Once the song was finalised the rhythm, the feel and the progression took form.

The first thing you see is a hand designed intro and outro. It was designed to replicate someone flicking through a book, you get glimpses of pages but to get a better view you’ll need to read the actual book.

It was clear that the images needed to be at the forefront so we used stills, letting the images tell the story. The concept was dramatic, rhythmic and impactful. Each image fades from original black and white to colour but not all of it, just the foreground. An added component is the 3D element, not only does the foreground fade from black and white; it separates from the picture subtly zooming towards the camera – bringing it to life.

The book promo is short and sweet, giving the viewer a comprehensive look at what they can expect to find in the book in a short space of time – perfect for the planned promotion across social media and email.

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