If you have been wondering about the impact of online videos, sit back and read through this comprehensive list of facts and figures based on several 2012 and 2013 studies.

The impact of videos on the Internet

Online videos have been responsible for 60% of the worldwide web traffic (1).

A new report from Experian Hitwise (10) shows that 5% of all UK web traffic was the consumption of online video in February 2013, an increase of 45% compared to February 2012.

According to Comscore (3), UK online video viewing has been growing by 8% in 2012 while mobile video audience grew 262%.

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings (2).

According to Forrester Research, 68% of the top 50 internet retailers use videos on their websites (7).

Demand for online video is expected to rise with a compound annual growth rate of 72%. (7)

In its “2012 State of Online Video “ pdf, SundaySky reports that amongst the 50 most successful Internet retailers, 46% have more than 1,000 online videos (8).

A recent study (January 2013) conducted by Copypress (12) which takes into account different content marketing strategies employed by marketers, Video ranks as the second best in terms of ROI at 51.9% (Featured articles are first at 62.2%).

User Engagement with Video Content

44% of online customers ‘strongly agree’ that they are purchasing more products after viewing a related video. (4)

Lewis Broadnax, Executive Director, Web Sales & Marketing for Lenovo (11) says about using videos in an ecommerce strategy: ”5% of consumers who get to the configuration stage and view one of these videos makes a purchase, tripling the conversion rate from before we implemented.”

According to a survey led by SocialToaster (5), 47% of respondents are likely to share videos on social medias.

As reported by Visible Measures (6), “20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer”. No matter how klong your video is, a third of the viewers will be gone after 30 seconds, 45% after 1 minute and only 40% are left after 2 minutes.

Visible Measures research (6) shows that users are watching online videos up to 2 minutes only on a desktop or laptop while they have a longer attention span on mobile devices: on an iphone, people are watching an average of 2 minutes 4 seconds, up to 3 minutes for Android users. But it is on Ipads that users rentetion is the best with an average of 5 minutes.

Market expectations

In 2012, the digital video ad spending in the UK which was marked at £169 millions, is expected to rise by 52.7% % to £258 in 2013 according to e.Marketers (9). By the end of 2016, digital video ad spending is expected to reach £846 millions . In contrast, the average spending on digital advertising will see only a 28.2 % increase in the next 3 years.

It is expected that in coming years, there are going to be more sophisticated tools to measure the impact of a video ad than by simple click through rates.

About a month back in March 2013, YouTube’s search results were integrated into Google Trends. This is another big step in the rising prominence of videos.


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