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WebVideos: Creative video production since 2005

If you know what you’re doing, producing online marketing videos will work effortlessly for your marketing strategy.

Video production has become a staple within marketing as more and more customers shop online. They are a marketers dream, as they can be used across all marketing channels, at any stage of the customer purchase journey or product life cycle.

We started out producing lead generation video content and progressed into high quality corporate video production. We now have two green screen studios in London and a host of creative talent ready to get stuck in. Our team includes Scriptwriters, Directors, Producers, DOPs, Sound Recordists, MUAs, art Department – the full list of skillsets for top quality video production.

So, take a look around our website and our portfolio of work, read up on video content as a marketing resource in our blog.

Or alternatively, you can use our contact form to get in touch or call us on 0207 733 4166 so we can discuss the right type of video content for your marketing.

Types of Video Content

We specialise in three main video types: Explainer videos, promotional content and corporate video production. These are highly effective and versatile video types which can be used at any stage of your customers purchase journey or your product life cycle, meaning you get great value for money.

Explainer Video:

A great way to bridge the gap between general interest and an actual purchase, explainer video content help answer queries and remove any doubts in the consumers mind. These marketing videos are versatile and can take the form of anything from a whiteboard explainer video for marketing, to a professional corporate explainer video for internal training purposes.

Corporate Video:

Keep it sleek and professional with corporate video production. Condensing lots of information into an easy to understand format; corporate videos can be used for both B2B and B2C marketing. They are perfect for getting your business values across to your audience as an added USP – people tend to buy more from brand names they can trust!

Promotional Video:

Ideal video content that will speak volumes on behalf of you and your company. Strengthen your marketing strategy with a promo video which conveys your competitive advantage to your audience. Promotional video production is flexible and can be used in almost any context, marketing channel or stage in your products life cycle.

Other Video Types

We also produce many other types of video for buisnesses to use throughout their marketing strategy. Here are some of our most requested.

Case Study Video:

Corporate video production doesn’t always have to promote something new. Why not shout about your achievements with case study video content.

Social Media Video Content:

Social Media is where your audience and potential new customers are, so it has massive potential to raise awareness of your brand and your product, building a report with your audience and strengthening customer loyalty.

Training Videos:

Train staff in an easy, engaging way with video content. Don’t just tell them, show them!

Product Demos:

The best way to entice sales is to show your audience how your offer satisfies their needs. Obviously, this is better done through visual means, and this works just as well to generate consumer interest as it does sales!

Your Customers’ Journey

Here at WebVideos, we like to delve deep into what makes video production successful in the marketing strategy. The answer was obvious: the key is to match your customers’ stage of their purchase journey with the type of video you choose. By fully understanding the different stages of the journey, you’ll be able to tailor your video content to yield optimum results, whatever your marketing objectives are.

Here, we define the six stages and identify some questions your video content needs to address at each part of the journey.

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Webvideos produced a promotional case study for Salix and their work was exceptional. From interpreting our brief to creating the film, the process was totally seamless. I found their approach to the project extremely proactive and forward thinking; they offered solutions to logistical issues and gave expert advice and insight, which really helped me to understand the process fully.

The finished film itself is polished, professional and creative; a true reflection of what we asked for. The team went above and beyond and always delivered to the deadline – I would highly recommend them and will be using them again for our future projects.

Alannah Powell

PR & Marketing Manager, Salix Finance

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