How a Promotional Video helps increase Conversions

Using promotional video on your landing pages can increase conversion rate by up to 80%, according to a new study by Eyeviewdigital.com.

This study shows that videos increase the length of time people stay on your page, giving your brand message more time to sink in. It is a fact that the human brain relates better to a video than any piece of static text or even images.

Studies have shown that people only spend around 10-12 seconds on a landing page looking around and reading the text, before deciding whether to stay or move on. By employing a promo video on your landing page, you can hook new customers in under 8 seconds!

You can summarise the content of the page into a short video and effectively communicate your message without making the viewer do the hard work of reading and comprehending it. However, you should make sure that the video is backed by a single-minded proposition and quality performance.

If you are looking to narrate your brand story or want to inform visitors about the good that you have done for society, just watching the video can be considered as a conversion. However, when your video aims to support another conversion action, you should use it as a one-two punch – watch the video, then fill out the form.

Quality matters

Another aspect to consider while embedding a video on your landing page is to consider the quality of the video. According to John Cecil, CEO of the cloud video hosting company Oculu, the first 12 seconds of your video are crucial for you to grab the visitor’s attention.

In other words, when you want to use video for your business, you will need to have them produced to ‘business-quality’. The quality of the video and its presentation go a great length in influencing the viewers.

You will need a professional scriptwriter and presenter who dresses and acts in a way that your viewers can easily relate to. It’s true that when you feature yourself or your company employees in the video, the trust factor is raised significantly. Can your CEO present?

Embed your video the right way

Also, you should carefully select the video thumbnail. It should be prominent on the page, easily identifiable as a video player and convince your visitors to play the video. Allow your visitors the option to play it at their convenience. One more thing to consider that has a big influence on returning visitors to your page, is whether or not to play your video automatically.

Ideally, you would want the video to auto-play the first time a new visitor arrives at your page. For any subsequent visits, you can control the auto-play option by using cookies.

If your video is played in a pop-up light-box player over the page, allow viewers to return back to the conversion path once they are done watching the video.

Make sure that you have an effective video SEO strategy in place to reap all the rewards of using a promo video in your landing page.

Quality counts – unless you have proven in-house capability, you should consider leaving the job to a professional video production agency who does this day-in and day-out. It will give your video a professional look and feel!

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