Once you create a video, you use it once and that’s it, right? Guess again!

One of the reasons video offers such high ROI – with 51% of professionals in agreement worldwide – is that it can be repurposed. In other words, it can be reused to reach new audiences, bring you a higher return on investment and ultimately get the most out of your marketing expenditure. In fact, because of this, video marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing around.

Video is a versatile form of marketing, which can be used to enhance all stages of the customer journey. It can also help extend your product life-cycle and meets a range of marketing objectives simultaneously. Here’s how to repurposing your video content will benefit you on all your marketing channels:

Using Repurposed Video for Business

On your website.

Use video on your website to make your content more dynamic, engaging and interactive.

Here are the benefits:
  • Memorability. Viewers retain 95% of your message when they watch it on video. When reading plain text, they only recall 10%. (insivia)
  • The ‘sticky’ factor. Customers watch your video and spend longer on the page (88% more time, to be exact). The longer they take, the more likely they are to purchase. This also boosts SEO. (Mist Media)
  • Powerful pitch. It’s a natural, authentic way for customers to get to know your products and services; and can be watched 24/7.
  • Better ranking. Video content is 50 times more likely to rank organically on the first page than a traditional page of text.
On your Landing pages.

Repurposing content to create a promo video, product demo or explainer video on your landing page offers several advantages:

  • More buying. Eyeviewdigital.com found that people are 80% more likely to purchase from companies that use video on their landing pages.
  • Better understanding. Customers skim-read, and video content such as product demos or explainer videos help them grasp key benefits quickly.
  • Authenticity. Place a testimonial video or case study on your landing page to build trust in your brand. Peer reviews are one of the most powerful forms of marketing available.
On Social media

A great lead generation tool, social media marketing is more effective with video as it gets your key messages across in a way that is natural to your followers. Promo videos, corporate videos and testimonials work particularly well. For example, you can:

  • Pin your promotional videos to the top of your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter feed, Google+ page etc. When people visit your company page, seeing a video is a great way to get people to find out more about you.
  • Use short snippets of existing video content to incite curiosity and entice your audience to visit your website for the full content.
Here are the benefits:
  • Increase your reach. There are over 2 billion video views per day worldwide; with the majority taking place on social media sites like YouTube. That’s a huge audience for your video marketing campaign.
  • Higher CTR. Placing video content on social media provides continual online marketing for your business. Your followers click through to your site, and SEO ranking improves as a result.
  • Shared content. Create a great promo video and your content will get shared, which means better exposure for your brand.


In your Email campaigns.

Video can easily be repurposed for use in your email campaign.

  • Video content in emails can reduce unsubscribers and opt-outs by as much as 75% (Eloqua)
  • Use an attention grabbing video thumbnail that accurately describes what is inside to entice people to click through to your site to watch the video.
  • Even placing the word “Video” in the email title is enough to impact positively on your open rates – people want video content.
  • Embed the video into the email to drum up some interest.
  • Send a “Thank You” video in confirmation emails to let your customers know you’re important to them.
Here are the benefits:
  • Boost CTR. Video boosts engagement, which creates curiosity. The result? More click-throughs and more site traffic.
  • Build trust. Customers view your testimonials and explainer videos, and see you as a reliable, trustworthy brand.

Video Production and Blogs

To boost ROI further, convert your video content into in-depth articles and blogs. Measure viewer metrics to gain insight into which parts of the video your audience really engaged in. Then use this information to create follow-up blog posts. Feedback is always valuable, and demonstrating that you’re listening to your customers will boost your reputation.

Video Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts of Repurposing Video Content

Repurposing your video content maximises your returns, but only if done correctly. Keep the following in mind:


    • Identify your most popular videos/ parts of videos to help create supplementary blog articles which are guaranteed to appeal to your audience
    • Repurpose older content when it’s relevant. If you’ve got old video content that links to a fresh article, promote the two side-by-side for better exposure and engagement.
    • Tailor your content for your audience and location. For example, corporate videos work well on LinkedIn, which is a professional site. By contrast, lively promo videos work well on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Repurpose in different formats. Your video can be transformed into an infographic for Pinterest, a click-through image for emails, or as part of your playlist on YouTube.


  • Assume all social media channels share the same audience. You should always tailor content to reflect audience expectation. For example, Twitter videos should be shorter than Facebook.
  • Focus on the old. Unless it’s “evergreen” content, old, out-of-date content will put off your audience. When new content is created, think how you can exploit it to gain maximum exposure.

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Video Content

Video is one of the most effective ways to grab attention and make sales online. It’s even more productive when utilised cleverly – and repurposed to best effect.
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