‘How-to’ videos – more commonly referred to as explainer videos –  have been starring in the online world for a long time now but it is only in recent years that their importance to middle-of-the-funnel marketing has become apparent.

By its very name a ‘How To’ video should explain. It can be precise and exactly show what the user needs to do and, best of all, the viewer can watch again and again until they have understood everything well enough to make informed decisions.

They are important because today’s increasingly sophisticated consumers are prepared to research further and deeper than ever before getting in touch with a company. They compare you with your competition, and have enough infomation at their fingertips to scope out which products are best suited to their needs.

A ‘how-to’ video deals with the commonly asked questions people have when they are evaluating products and services: to see whether they would be an answer for their specific requirements.

Increasingly, it is businesses who are using guides as it helps them cut down on costs and also connect better with their customers. It can be precise and show exactly what the user needs to do. Best of all, the viewer can watch again and again until they have understood.

What is less well understood is the value of the ‘How To’ video in the sales cycle – where it can inform and educate the potential customer about the product before they buy.

B2C – helping the consumer know and use your products and services

From the businesses perspective they allow the business to:

  • Explain the features of a product.
  • Connect on a personal level with the customer.
  • Cut down on incoming troubleshooting calls.

And for the consumer the benefits are:

  • To better understand the features of a product. Know exactly how to plug in or play with a product and use it in the proper way.
  • Troubleshooting by themselves, which saves them time in waiting for a response from the business – especially if the problem occurs at 2 in the morning!
  • Here is a link to an example of a user guide that explains to the customer how to properly connect their device:
    BT Gaming and Gadgets – Customer Service Tutorial Videos

Business to Business communication

  • It requires a more professional video as it not only talks about your product, but is saying volumes about your business too B2B User Guides can be used
  • Helps businesses establish a rapport with their clients and counterparts.
  • Portrays an image of the business and what they stand for
  • Explains the services they offer, so others might know exactly what to expect
  • Sometimes, it’s used for a product demo for a larger audience, say a group of clients at a meeting.

Every business would love to explain its products and services face-to-face if they could. This is what a well constructed and made ‘How To’ video gives the opportunity for. If you’d like more infomation or you’re thinking about investing in a “how-to” video yourself, get in contact with us!

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