How often have you read a recipe wondering how golden brown the onions need to be before you pour in the puree, then ended up looking at a video about how to do it?

Videos are better at teaching people ‘how to’ adopt a skill than words or pictures; as a species we are very adaptive, learning far quicker from practical experience, following a demonstration on-screen in realtime.

This is a reason the World Wide Web is full of videos that tell people ‘how to’ do stuff. It’s not only the self-help gurus that are making this type of video, but also the bigger corporations who want to cut down on their customer service workload, catering to frantic calls from people who can’t figure out how to use the thing they bought.

In an article on Mashable, Tom Laidlaw, CEO of VideoJug.com talks about his website, which is one of the leading resources of demonstration videos.

According to Laidlaw, the important thing in a ‘How to’ video is the production element, “If people have searched for the answer to a particular problem, then they want you to answer that question quickly, and without too much extraneous prose.”

When making a ‘how to’ video, you have to be careful to make sure the message is sent across quickly and efficiently. You can’t afford to miss out on any steps, however small they may be, because this would confuse the viewer, rendering the video utterly useless.

For example, if you forget to mention the correct version when making a Photoshop tutorial, the viewer might watch the entire video trying to figure out why it still doesn’t work with his Photoshop options, consequently ‘disliking’ the video and leaving a negative comment!

This would harm the reputation of the video and all future videos that you make in turn.

If you are an individual, offering people your own tips on doing something new, you can get away with self-shot videos. However, if you are an organisation or a business and you are trying to inform people about your product or services, it’s very important to get things right.

Production value matters because it keeps things consistent. People who are coming back to watch the video on your website will have the same expectations for them all, thus, every single one of them needs to be similar in handling and expertly crafted.

This is really hard to achieve in a self-made video, as you might not even notice you have missed out something important.

When you hire a professional video production and online marketing company such as Webvideos, you not only get your video done but benefit from expert advice on how to maximise its potential. This could include how the video should be shot, what information needs to be there, where it should go, how should you promote the video and if it’s really necessary to have a second part to it etc.

All of your questions are answered by experts who have been making this sort of video for years and for major companies such as BT, Blackberry, Orange and so on.

With a production agency, you get all the services at your fingertips – a professional scriptwriter,  director, cameraman, a crew and sales and marketing experts who specialise in promoting videos and businesses through videos.

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