Understanding the Customer Journey:

Most consumers go through different stages of awareness, interest and attraction before finally making their decision to buy: their ‘customer journey’. Understanding these steps and how to pitch your messages and communications will make all the difference to your chances of success.

Stage 1 – Interest

Your customer has just discovered your brand. They’re curious, but they’re not interested in making a purchase yet. Trying to actively sell to them at this stage isn’t a good idea. Instead, you want to capture their imagination, and tell them the story of your brand when they are at the beginning of their customer journey.

A Promo video. It’s a powerful way to launch new products and generate excitement about your brand – without appearing too overtly ‘sales-focused’.

Stage 2 – Learning

Your customer is engaged, and now they’re ready to find out more. They want to get to know your business – your products, your services and your ethos.

A Talking Head or Explainer video. A talking head video lets them see the face behind your brand, and provides the human touch. An explainer video outlines key aspects of your products and services in more detail – creating interest, excitement and anticipation.

Stage 3 – Evaluation

Your customer is now comparing your products and services to the competition. You need to prove that your business is the one that can solve their problem. Seeing is believing – and your video can help achieve this.

A ‘How To’, Demo or Training video. It’s your chance to show them exactly why your product is the best, and demonstrate that it’s exactly what your customer is looking for.

Stage 4 – Justification

The customer journey may mean they want reassurance before committing to buy. Your video content gives them the peace of mind they’re looking for – convincing them they’ve made the right decision.

A Customer Testimonial video, Product Review or Case Study video. If you’ve had happy customers in the past, now’s the time to let them speak. Use their glowing testimonials to reinforce the message, or use a product review to explain exactly how the product works. These videos, unlike the previous stages, are designed to convert. They’re also short and simple – which makes them cost-effective to produce.

Stage 5 – Conversion

If you feel your customer needs just a little more persuasion, a video at the conversion stage is an effective tool for closing the sale.
A Customer Testimonial video or Special Offer. Create a sense of urgency and excitement, whilst emphasising the quality of your products and services.

Stage 6 – Delight

Your customer has completed the sale – but how to turn them from a one-time buyer to a loyal repeat buyer? A well-positioned video can help.

A Live Demo, Training video or a FAQs video. Show your customers how to get maximum value from their purchase, and answer any questions that they might have. This shows that you aren’t just focused on closing the sale, but want to offer great customer service too.

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