How do you produce a promotional video

Your business is up and running, your website is live and people are interested in what you have to sell. Now it’s time to get a video production to help promote your business, generate more contact and ultimately to get more sales.

Producing a promotional video can be exciting, it is certainly challenging. So how do you go about it? What style should you use? Should it be funny, serious, who is going to edit it? Where should you start?

Planning your video production

The best place to start is to know why you want the video. What is it’s objective? And what do you want viewers to do as a result of having watched it? Knowing this will help you work out what to say in your script.

For ideas and inspiration look for examples of videos you like on Youtube or Vimeo. See what your competitors are doing and how similar types of companies portray themselves. Then you can think about a theme for your video, something that goes with your identity.

Do you want to look professional? Or do you want to be different? Quite often people go with sarcasm or humour in an attempt to be different. We don’t recommend this if it’s your first video. Humour is great but use with care and always be gentle. What you might find funny could be offensive to others. It’s a funny old world these days.

You can also pick a style – animated or live action? What are the messages, the key information you have to get over. Write down all the ideas as you brainstorm with the team. You now have enough information to write out a short brief that summarises what you want and why.

You now have two choices. With the brief you can look for a video production company and get a quote. Or you can have a go at doing it yourself. In both cases having a basic understanding of the video production process will help you.

Here is a checklist of the key components you need to consider and answer to put your video together.

Approaches for filming

There are many styles of video you can choose and plenty of examples to inspire you on YouTube. If it’s your first one then we recommend keeping it simple. And nothing is simpler than talking to the camera and explaining who you are and how you can help.

Think of it this way. If it were possible for you to meet everyone interested in your business and talk to them face to face for 5 minutes, wouldn’t that be better. A video is the next best thing.

The route one approach is for you, as the face of the business to talk to the camera and talk, explaining who you are and what you have to offer in a way that talks to the problems your would-be customers have and that you can fix.

The most basic approach is to film yourself talking to camera, or, just off camera. A script of between 2-3 minutes means between 360-540 words (that’s 3 words a second).
Find the right words that you are comfortable saying and that will hold and retain attention is your objective. Talk to yourself in the mirror reading out loud the script and time yourself.. If you can work from bullet points we suggest finding the first few words to get each section started off on the right lines.

Once you have your script written, your next step is to get filmed.

You could do this from your laptop. Many DSLR’s have a video recording capability (albeit with adequate but average sound capture) and can be uploaded to a basic editing programme. Alternatively ask your local film studios if they can film and edit – this should be possible for a modest fee.


Once everything is done and sorted, you will have the final version of your video with you. Sit down together with your team and watch it. You might come across some things that you would want to change. Now is the time. Also, ask someone who is not familiar with your business to take a look at the video. If they understand what your company does by watching the video, it’s a success!

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