Promotional Videos come in many different styles, forms and types and are a popular choice for business videos. They are a visual sales pitch working around the clock to generate interest and turn it into sales.

What they all share is a common business objective: to elicit a positive response from the viewer in favour of the product, service or brand being promoted. Beyond this objective almost anything goes in terms of what might make an effective promotional video.

This article has been written to help marketers, business development and sales staff understand what is involved in getting a promotional video so they can navigate their way through the possibilities and get the video made that they want.

Why Choose a Promotional Video?

Most businesses looking to incorporate video content into their online marketing strategy will start with promotional video production. They sit firmly at bottom of the sales funnel and are aimed at viewers actively seeking answers to problems.

7 out 10 Millennials are likely to watch a company video when shopping online. Animoto, 2015

A well-designed promotional video has the potential to serve your online marketing as keystone content on landing pages or on your website in general. It can also serve to support your written content, YouTube channel and your social media marketing – where it can be shared, liked and commented on.

In fact, promotional videos are ideal for repurposing throughout your customers’ journey and product’s life cycle to maximise your ROI. Use them to communicate in both B2C or B2B customers to raise awareness, drum up interest and to score conversions.

Common Promo Video Characteristics

In setting out to define some common standards, it must be stated that there is no one-size ‘fits-all’ promotional video type or style. We’ve seen 10-second videos and 8-minute videos with ostensibly the same business objective. Nonetheless, for most businesses the following pointers form a sensible starting point:

  • These videos are typically short-form videos of up to three minutes duration.
  • They should have a single focus – do not try and cover different objectives
  • A very clear call to action – what do you want the viewer to do next
  • The first 5-8 seconds are vital – you must confirm to the viewer that they are at the video they expected when they clicked through.

Discover how long your video content should be. If it’s too short, you may not get your key messages across; but if it’s too long, you risk losing interested customers. Find out what’s right for you, here.

Types of Promotional Video

The following list shows a variety of different promo videos and provides an overview of their production and the issues to consider.


This promo video takes just 90 seconds to provide a representative overview of the service and how it is provided. It was designed for an older audience (55+) and their concerns that were as much to do with who would be coming into their home and the perceived inconvenience. This is the key element of the video: whom it is targeted at and the message.

The production method mixes live-action and 3D animation with the intention to reinforce the superior quality of the service provided. A project like this takes time in the planning before filming. The filming itself is simple enough – a half-day should be enough. The post-production process that builds the 3D animations around the live-action is time-consuming precise work and relies on an accurate storyboard being used at the filming stage.

Full Case Study here!

You can find out more about commissioning an animation video here.

Massive Analytic

This promo video supported a pitch for funding, so needed to prioritise the value of the proposition in a way everyone could understand. The spoken script is the key element of the video – it drives the visuals that illustrate the story.

As an approach, it is straightforward enough. Some filming in an arranged location, the rest filmed live as it happened walking around central London. Fortunately central London is an easy place to find many great inspiring, real, visuals. The filmmakers skills are seen through the way the edit and the words work with each other.

Read the full Case Study right here.

Multisharp Tools

These promotional videos demonstrate a range of knife sharpeners. The starting point in their construction is the need that they sell and will work on different websites. A show and tell was the best approach to highlight exactly how to use the devices to maximum effect. This in turn led to a very economical cost of production.

View the full Case Study here.

Pre-Production: Preparing Your Video Production Brief

Unless you expect to make the video yourself/in-house the best approach is to prepare a brief against which a video production company can provide their ideas and estimate costs.

Any video production brief should include the following elements:

  • What is the objective of the video?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the key messages?
  • Where will the promo video be viewed (websites, social media, tradeshows, as a sales tool etc)?
  • If your intention is that video content is required for more than one channel it is vital to be as clear about this as possible. You will be able to get everything you require is you plan for it. Simple as!
  • Target duration of the video? It doesn’t follow that longer videos will cost more, but combined with the rest of the brief it will inform the production
  • Reference videos – links to videos that have something about them you like, or show an approach you think you will work for your product or service.
  • Timescales – do you have a launch date that the video must be ready for. If the deadline was next week you should know that some options (special effects) are likely to be impossible unless you have a massive budget.
  • Budget
  • Anything else you think would be helpful for the video production companies to understand.

We have previously covered this section and given a whole bunch of important considerations in this article. Old but gold! Read more about it here.

Alternatively, this section is covered in more detail, along with aligning your customer’s journey with your video and how to brief your production company. Download our FREE part 2 of our Guide to Video for Business: Making the Right Video for your Business, right here.

How Much Should a Promo Video Cost?

Obviously, the final costs of your promo video will depend on how many elements there are to it. However, videos are cost-effective because they yield all sorts of benefits for your marketing strategy. Read this article for more information on what video marketing benefits you can expect to get from your content.

After commissioning your video content, the next step to better online marketing is repurposing your promo video to support your marketing campaigns throughout your products’ life cycle and customers’ journey!

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