What is the objective of your video?

How do you choose the right presenter for your video? Are you trying to sell something online or are you seeking to get a basic level of engagement from the viewer – maybe an email address or to prompt the viewer further into your website to the information most useful for them?

Think about your target audience

Are you selling gadgets to young men in their 20s, or a time-saving device to mothers with kids hanging around their ankles or are they a part of the saga generation? It doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate that these two factors represent different audiences and how you approach them is likely to be very different also.

Taken together these two starting points throw up a lot of possibilities to consider.

Female presenters are more likely to be used for one very simple reason – they appeal to the widest possible audience and are less likely to ‘turn-off’ potential customers. Of course, male presenters have their place too, it’s just that females appeal more widely – to men and women.

If that sounds like the least worse of the options don’t worry because it is the objective of your website video that should drive decision making and not concerns about ‘being different’.

Credibility is important too. There is no point using a young presenter if you’re promoting mobility services for the oldies – unless perhaps they are Lewis Hamilton when their name recognition alone would make them a valuable spokesperson for your business. And their no point having Lewis Hamilton when you’re presenting a “training video” or video faqs.

Presenter or Actor?

Do you need a presenter or are you really after an actor? These are very different skills and being good at one doesn’t mean they will be good at the other. In particular be wary of the website actor who thinks they can present. Very often then can’t, preferring to act out their lines: each one laced with nuance and meaning, when in fact all you are after is someone who can read out your messages in a natural convincing way with a winning smile and not turn anyone off.

The best presenters that we’ve met have an iron core of professionalism running through them. They want you the customer to be happy and simply don’t mind going over the words on camera until you are happy with them. In fact the best of them will have the experience to pitch their tone of voice just right for the target audience – having learnt through experience what works on camera and what doesn’t. They will be familiar with the working of the film crew and easily fit in as part of the team.

Video for business can be a minefield of challenges if you’ve never made one before. When it comes to presenters we strongly advise checking their showreels, looking at the variety of work they have done and the clients who continue to use them.

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