Generating online attention for your business can be harder than you might think. Social media ‘noise’ can drown out your company message, making it hard for you to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing videos are one of the most effective ways to make impact online, and deliver your message quickly, clearly and powerfully. Here’s some more information.

Why a Marketing Video?

In order to understand why marketing videos are so effective, it’s important to first understand how the human brain operates.
90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. This visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than plain old text. In short, the majority of is are visual learners, and we respond more quickly (and more positively) to visual stimulus.
This is exactly why using video for business works. People naturally gravitate towards online videos! Indeed, the average consumer spends 88% more time on a site with video content. However, it’s more than just grabbing attention. Video also causes emotional reaction. Through visual content, it’s much easier to inspire, entice and engage.

Which Video Suits Your Marketing Objectives?

There are a wide range of marketing videos available; and each serve a different purpose along the customer journey. Corporate videos are excellent when selling your services in a B2B situation. Promo videos deliver results when appealing to a B2C audience.

Here’s how specific videos can help you to deliver your message:

1) Explainer Videos:
Explainer videos are effective when it comes to taking complicated concepts and breaking them down into an accessible, easy-to-understand format. They’re ideal if you’re launching a product or service and are worried that your target audience won’t grasp the key USPs of what you’re offering. They’re also a great way to deliver insight into your brand, and give your target audience a preview of your ethos and business practice.

When to use them?

Explainer videos are versatile, and can be used at any stage of the customer journey. Use them to build up awareness of your products and services, or place them on a landing page to increase conversions. By delivering your message in a simple, visual way, you’ll build trust in your brand.

2) Product Demos:
You want your audience to buy your product, but they simply don’t understand how it works, or how it will benefit them. The solution? A product demo. A product demo video delivers the message clearly and effectively – demonstrating how your product functions and what the USPs are. Seeing is believing after all!

When to use them?

Use your product demo on your product pages, or post on social media to coincide with the product launch. This raises awareness of your product, generates engagement, and encourages people to buy.

3) Testimonials.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough for you to tell your target audience how great your products and services are. You need your happy customers to do it for you! A testimonial video uses verbal proof to give your marketing messages valuable credibility. They’re a powerful way to boost sales – as people are more likely to buy based on the favourable opinions of others.

When to use them?

Place testimonials on social media to let people know about your high levels of performance. Use on a landing page or home page to develop trust in your brand.

4) Animation.

Animation videos are a great way to deliver information quickly, and in an entertaining, accessible manner. By using animation or motion graphics, you can explain key ideas in simple, visual terms – getting the message across in a fraction of the time.

When to use them?

Use animation to stand out from the competition or raise brand awareness on social media; or use it to explain your products and services on your website.

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