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Four Guides to Video for Business 2016

Part 1: Why Does Your Marketing Strategy Need Video Content?

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In your First Free Guide to Video for Business 2016, you will learn:

  1. Online marketing’s most common obstacles
  2. Current video marketing trends and why these make video the perfect asset for your online campaign
  3. The significance of video on mobile
  4. Why video is ideal for inbound marketing and how to use it
  5. How video content can overcome a marketers biggest obstacles
  6. The stages of your customers journey: what they’re thinking and their information requirements
Note: This is the first of four guides you will receive over the coming weeks. In guide 2 you’ll learn how to decide what is the right video content to make, then we go on to describe how to implement and optimise your videos and finish up with the low-down on video marketing.


The increase of organic traffic enjoyed by companies using video compared to those who don't – Aberdeen

Use your First Video Guide to get ahead:


Stats don't lie!

Get up-to-date with what’s happening in video marketing and how videos improve engagement


Know your audience

Learn how to tailor your marketing information to your customers stage in their purchase journey



Feel the power of video

Improve your inbound marketing strategy with video to boost conversions


Exceed expectations

Discover how video content will enhance your marketing campaign to meet and beat your objectives


Educate customers

Learn your customers purchase journey and what key messages you should provide them with.


Make it mobile

Make sure your video content is perfectly optimised to appeal to customers on mobile

WebVideos provided us a full range of quality videos: a showpiece video and idents for our brand, dance classes in action, tutorials and promo videos. They even came up with our slogan, ‘Love Dance, Love Fitness, Love Street Fit’. They look great and we are delighted


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