If you’re looking for serious ROI on your marketing budget this year, then it’s time to look at video for business. This medium is now one of the fastest growing marketing and communication channels in the digital world, and its value is such that Google is already prioritizing video for its search engine ranking results and beginning to shift away from simple text-based content.

Good video gives you the change to communicate, inform and engage with your audience in a far more richer, immediate and compelling way than before. No longer do your audience need to commit to reading long posts – instead they can immediately absorb your branded content and take action on the back of it. This is a huge win – remember, our brains are wired to prefer visual information, and these visual messages are processed 60,000 times quicker than pure text.

Video is immediate, exciting and authentic and, what’s more, it needn’t be expensive to produce. Of course, many businesses are new to video and may be a little flummoxed about the types of content they can produce. So, let’s take a look at five types of video that can bring serious bottom-line benefits to your business.

1. Explainer videos

As the name suggests, an explainer video provides a visual marketing pitch that helps to generate sales. It will blend a range of marketing and sales techniques to educate potential customers – removing any uncertainty, answering any questions, showing a product in use, and helping to increase the chance of a purchase.

2. Social media

Social media is a fast medium that continues to accelerate; last year’s innovative ideas already seem like old hat! Video has already reached a tipping point, and you will notice a vast variety of videos across platforms, many of which are branded content. You can use social media videos to give product usage demos, to share customer testimonials, to support a branded marketing campaign, to run a competition, to showcase a new product line… The opportunities are endless. There are often different delivery styles – from running live Twitter videos from an event to doing a live Q&A or product launch on Instagram for real immediacy and engagement.

3. Promotional videos

These play a vital role in modern marketing mixes, helping to raise awareness, create excitement and to even generate pre-sales or registrations before a product launch. Whether used to promote a new product line, a service launch, an event or a campaign, there are all sorts of ways to create a superb promotional video; from explainer videos and talking heads through to motion graphics and animation. The content can then be repurposed across your channels to increase your ROI.

4. Live event videos

These are another growth area and a great way to allow customers to share in your branded events without attending in person. Extend the marketing potential of your launch event, gala, glitzy awards or masterclass by attracting new online audiences and boosting engagement. As with broader promotional videos, these live event videos can be saved for later shares across social media sites.

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5. Educational videos

These are a valuable means of sharing training material or demos to customers without the need for physical events. Whether your product is a training package or a more complex product or service that benefits from a demo, you simply need to make a single video and then store and share it across your digital mediums for added customer value.


But what about the cost?

As with all things digital, video content can be very cost effective to produce. In fact, some of the most successful videos on YouTube have been shot with little more than a phone camera and some imagination! Of course, if you have a budget to spend, then there are plenty of production extras that you can lavish upon your videos to enhance their quality and truly immerse your viewer in your product. These include visual effects and professional editing which are recommended if you’re producing a promotional video.

So, if you are ready to pursue video this year and reap the benefits of enhanced brand awareness, better engagement and higher conversions, speak to us at Web Videos today. Our video production team will be on hand to discuss the possibilities and help you craft your video marketing strategy for 2017.

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