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Will Everyone Be Able To See My Video?

We can implement your video production in any format you require. We have implemented multi-platform videos that will play on almost any device, from your standard PC to your iPhone or other mobile devices.

For our bespoke video players we use Adobe Flash Player. Flash player is the world’s most widely used software platform. It is used by on over 98.8% of Internet-enabled computers and therefore surpasses the installed base of other software platforms such as QuickTime, Windows Media, or Real Player.

How Difficult Is It To Implement?

Upon completing a project, in many cases we will issue you a few lines of html or javascript code. This code can be embedded into any web page. Once the code is in place, the video presentation plays on that page.

In most cases you won’t even have to get your webdesign staff or IT department involved – it’s that easy. We are also able to provide email and telephone support to talk you through implementation.

Who Does The Hosting?

We usually host the final video production, so you don’t need any specialist server technology, but in the end it is up to you.

If you want to host yourselves we supply you all the necessary files. We do however have very competitive hosting rates which work out as little as a penny per complete viewing.

How Involved Do We Need To Be?

The point of using a professional video production and video marketing company should be to let them get on and do the work they know best. Where you should be involved is in the planning and pre-production stage, especially to ensure the messages represents what you want and the imagery used sits comfortably with your company image. Typically it is at this point that you, the client, can sit back and let us get on with it. Any sensible process will include key stages where the client has sign-off authority, for example the script and treatment, any actors or presenters used.

How Do I Know Who's Been Watching?

We may not be able to tell you who has been watching your video but we can tell you how many have seen it and when they saw it and how much of it was watched on average. These are some of the key metrics available to help you review and plan your video strategy.

What Does a Web Video Cost?

Well, a straight forward introductory video can be as little as £1,750 including all the input described above. When a client is after a series of videos then we are able to spread the one-off costs over the whole and will be able to reduce the price per video considerably.

The simple truth is that virtually no video production is the same, however we do have a fairly tight pricing structure which is based on the parameters below.

Our approach is to consider the full customer journey, from them arriving on your website and seeing the video through to how they respond to the call to action and whatever else you want them to do. We don’t just see it as a case of filming some scripts and plonking them on the website.

Here is a description of the process we use to get to that objective:

  • Professionally written script – this is created in conjunction with yourself
  • Professional presenter – we have a variety to choose from OR you may choose one of your team to present. On this point we generally advise against clients presenting as the small screen is far different to public presenting and some of us (like me) come over like a wet fish.
  • Storyboard – which will show the graphics/words that will accompany the presenter throughout eithe script
  • Bespoke Video Player – in your company ‘look and feel’ designed to fit exactly into an agreed space on your site
  • An Interactive Video Player – so people can respond to the video with an email, maybe forward to a friend, bookmark the page and so forth.
  • Linkages from the video to the rest of your site – for example to your contact page, or a page you want them to read next or … etc
  • Filming, Editing, and Post-Production – you will see the final version of the video prior to implementation and we will make any necessary changes to the words/graphics– as it sometimes only when you see the final production that you realise the words/graphics aren’t quite right.
  • Implementation – we prepare some HTML code that your webteam merely cuts & pastes into the pre-agreed space on your website. This task should take no more than a couple of minutes.
Planning a WebVideo - What Does it Mean for Me?

Our objective is always to make it as easy as possible for our clients. The starting point is always defining what the video is to achieve. Once we have this then we are able to get started. You can get involved as much or as little as you would like. We always check at each stage of the production that we are progressing the production in the manner you envisaged.

Can we use our own people to present the video?
The short answer is yes. BUT…… we advise caution. Presenting is a deceptively skilled job and from our experience there are very few people who are able to present in the right manner. Therefore we would advise using one of our presenters.
Can we work with video supplied to us?

Yes we can. Our ability to do so is affected by the quality of the video and the format we receive it in. If the quality is low then there is only a limited amount we can do to improve it.

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