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The video age demands new corporate video content on a regular basis and there are few events that have the potential to generate useful, bite-sized pieces of video as a corporate event. Youtube loves nothing better than a story with people in it and when you think about it, that is exactly what corporate events are about:

  • Product launches
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Team-building days
  • Charity dinners

With a camera and a plan, almost any indoor or outdoor event can be filmed for later use. For example:

  • For internet or external use
  • Website or Intranet
  • Your company Youtube channel
  • As a company presentation
  • To share on social medias

Here is a checklist that will help you get your corporate video content by filming properly and  for posterity.

Plan ahead

It really does help to have an idea of what you think the final video might look like, who will see it and where. Filming for the Internet and being viewed on PCs, tablets and mobile devices is one thing, if you think the video might be shown on a giant screen at another public event that is another and usually more expensive approach.

Visiting the event location beforehand is common sense and essential. You’ll get a sense of the ambiance and lighting conditions, where the audience will be sitting, the flow of people in and out of the room, where the electrical outlets are and so on. Then you can plan the best positions for cameras, filming angles and the path of all those electrical cables according to the event agenda.

Are you planning to interview people during the event? Then prepare a set of questions in advance. Think about the ideal answers you’d prefer. Find a quiet, discrete place with good light and background. Ask people beforehand if the will be interviewed on camera, rather than springing the request on them.


Using 2 cameras will give you a significantly increased range of options at the event and in the edit. If you can only use one then you must prioritise your requirements more thoroughly. A ‘two-camera shoot’ also allows more flexibility to take advantage of the spontaneous moment that might be video gold. Use compatible camera’s with the same settings – this will help avoid distracting lighting issues in the edit.

If you need to film images intended for display on a large screen, such as a Powerpoint presentation or a video, make certain the camera is on a tripod stand, where people won’t be standing in the way and it won’t get knocked over. Take some test footage (if you can) to make certain lines aren’t flickering across the image. If they are then you’ll have to adjust your settings. Make sure you are capturing the entire width of the screen .

It can sometimes be possible to connect the camera to a video projector to capture the presentation as it is displayed. Another alternative is to add the presentation back into the video in the editing stage.

The sound

Good quality, crisp sound, as free as possible from background distraction is the ideal.

A speaker on stage can be recorded separately using a radio lapel mike. Alternatively, you should be able to take a sound feed from the PA (Public Announcement) System. Contact the sound engineer in advance and tell him/her what inputs your camera or sound recording device has to get the mix-desk going straight into your camera.

Top tips: Try to get plenty of close-ups of the speakers from a stable, fixed position. Use a free-roaming handheld camera for cutaways that will be used in the final edit – people’s reactions, especially as a group, make for good viewing. If you know in advance, you can plan for these types of shots.

When filming an audience, you should make the attendees aware that a filming is imminent. An announcement can be made at the beginning of the event and notices displayed at the entrance.

Remember, planning is key. If you have an event coming up that you’d like to get filmed and edited into effective business videos for your website and social media, contact us here or call us on 020 7733 4166. We’ll be happy to share our approach with you.

Not every event is the same and the same goes for related video productions. Having produced many corporate event videos, we know how to adapt to any environment, film and edit the video according to the final look and feel our clients want to achieve.

Production Values

Finally, as true as it is that event videos are a fantastic way to put your business under the spotlight, it is also true that a poor quality production will reflect poorly on your company image. Seriously consider bringing in a professional team so you have a top notch record of events that you can use in the future without fear of it being described as a home movie!

Our Event Video examples:

Camberwell Green Food and Drink Festival

Roehampton University Summer Ball (Live Event)

City Warriors – Arsenal Emirates (Live Event)

Check out what should you expect when filming your live event , or get more information about our event filming services.

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