Ok, so suppose you’ve bitten the bullet, quickly and effectively filmed some great new video content and added it to your website which now looks fresh and dynamic.

But isn’t there a problem? As a typical small to mid sized B2B website your website traffic figures probably aren’t as high as you’d like – maybe hundreds per month for example and hardly the hundreds of thousands that flock to sites like YouTube every day.

How can you and your company cut yourself a piece of this video content action?

Well let’s think sensibly about it – when you want to meet a lot of people you don’t go a desert island do you? No you go to the centre of the nearest big city because that’s where everybody is!

Well, we need to do exactly the same with our video website content i.e. take it beyond the website and into online communities where your consumers spending time surfing, chatting and buying.

How is this done and how do you cut through the noise of everyone shouting for attention – especially without big budget advertising?

We call this seeding your content across the web and its all about planting links to your video content in high traffic relevant areas communities online where potential customers are likely to find it! Where are these places?

Well think about your consumer’s lifestyles and areas of interest and you’ll find them in online communities around these topics – whether its youngsters chatting each other up on My Space or Global Grannies planning their next backpacking holiday on Trip Advisor.

Also to maximise the power of your video content there are certain tactics you can use which are outlined below. Please note, all tactics MUST be ethical and follow the policy guidelines of the communities your are approaching … so when you are posting links to your videos in online communities:

  • Use teaser videos of up to 30-60 seconds or less to draw people in i.e., less is more in this case as people’s attention spans are extremely short!
  • Use every hook you can, e.g., catchy titles (NB also make sure the exact middle frame of your video is interesting as sites like YouTube use this as a thumbnail to grab attention!)
  • Get onto recommended pages e.g., with YouTube by getting mentions on blogs and in forums (e.g., Linkedin) and even formenting controversial debate which attracts attention!
  • Don’t forget to share – send to all your contacts and incentivise them to pass on and recommend
  • Use Calls to Action to direct the viewer to what they need to do next
    Always keep things simple. Unless we’re reading a novel most of us like plain and simple English.
  • Use unique tag words to keep your videos together i.e., this way they appear all together on key sites like YouTube.

These are just a few initial suggestions that will get your video content going with a bang and attract lots of new traffic to your site – so tell you sales team to stand by.

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